Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Get Your Playoff Tickets Before Everyone Else

If you do it right this is what you will see
Playoff tickets for the Sens first round go on sale Saturday morning at 10am but of course that's for everyone else and not the good people who visit my site and support me. You will be able to buy your tickets a day early before they go on sale to the general public as my way of saying thank you for reading.

Starting on Friday at 10am and continuing to Friday night at 10pm you can get your tickets before everyone else by clicking here and then entering the promo code SENSMILE and you will have your choice of buying tickets to each of the Sens possible 3 games of the first round.

Be sure to follow me on twitter @SensTown and hope everyone gets the tickets to the games they want.


Anonymous said...

last night i typed in PLAYOFFS and it worked for presale so i bought my tickets already; just tried it again and it seems like they caught on.. ohwells

Anonymous said...

I used the PLAYOFFS one and got my tickets a few days ago!