Friday, April 06, 2012

Sens Debut 20th Anniversay Patch

Last night's game was pretty uneventful. The game didn't really matter in the standings, neither team appeared to be trying that hard, a bunch of guys weren't even playing and everyone was just trying to avoid getting hurt before the playoffs start. There was one noteworthy thing however. The Senators debuted a 20th anniversary patch on their jerseys for the first time this season. They had been wearing the All Star Game patch instead all year. I was wondering when they would come around to wear it and they chose the last regular season game of the year. I would have preferred if they wore both patches all year personally.

Do you like the new patch, prefer the ASG one or wish they wore both?

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Anonymous said...

Dude, it was jersey give away night..where they gave the jersey's of their backs to the season ticket holders....

Hence why they chose this game to wear the patches. More for those fans as souvenirs than for themselves.