Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sens Get Doubled Up, Lose Game 1 In Uninspired Effort

The Sens find themselved behind the 8(th) ball heading into game 2, after losing game 1 to the New York Rangers 4-2, in a game who's score didn't really reflect what happened on the ice. Ottawa started off well enough for the first 10 minutes or so, but couldn't get much going. The Rangers outplayed and even worse, outworked the Sens, eventually resulting in a 4-0 lead for the Blue Shirts. The Sens came out flat, no wait what's worse than flat? They eventually made a mini comeback in the 3rd, potting 2 and cutting the lead in half, setting the tone for a vital game 2 for the Sens on Saturday.

The weird thing about this game was that while the Sens definitely didn't bring their A game, neither did the Rangers. In fact, it was a fairly ugly game with little to no rhythm. New York just managed to take advantage of their chances while Ottawa didn't, and that was it.

Craig Anderson didn't exactly help his cause either, with 2 of the goals being pretty weak. His counterpart didn't have to make many big saves, because frankly Ottawa didn't muster up much offence. The best word I could describe the Ottawa performance is overwhelmed. From puck drop they didn't look ready to play, while the Rangers did.

The Rangers didn't even play very well but they got the W and that's what counts. At least Ottawa knows it can compete even without their A game. Expect a much better effort come Saturday night or the Sens will be coming home down 0-2.

Other thoughts from the game:

  • No one played well. The only one who I thought had a decent game was Michalek.
  • The Rags game plan is clearly to hit and hurt Karlsson at every turn.
  • I'm already tired of Bob Cole and Healy. No one in the Ottawa area likes them so why are they on our series while Dean Brown is doing Boston/Washington? Typical CBC.
  • Jared Cowen was a minus 3 tonight. Alfie and Turris were both minus 2.
  • I thought Gonchar was well Gonchar.
  • Spezza looked like the Spezza of a few years ago. Unwilling to fight for the puck or play hard. It was disappointing.
  • Zack Smith took 2 ridiculous penalties and struggled the rest of the game. Not his best effort.
  • Chris Neil is one of our massive keys. His physical play can make a huge difference for us.
  • Craig Anderson is now 6-1 at MSG. He made some good saves but wasn't a huge factor. If we have a hope to win this series he will have to play spectacularly.
  • Anderson should also NEVER EVER EVER play the puck again.
  • While fairly quiet tonight for him, Alfie sure had a nice tip for the Sens first goal.
  • Captain Callahan is one good hockey player.
  • We need to play smarter next game and get the puck out of our own end without turning it over so much. Make the simple play and wait for our chances.
  • I think we see Carkner dress next game if he's healthy.
  • Here's the box score if you're interested

The way we played tonight, no one wins the night.

Thoughts on game 1?


Anonymous said...

Just have to move the playing level up to NHL from Jr.B.

Anonymous said...

Were u watching the game?!
The Sens were brutal, brutal, brutal. And we were terribly outcoached.

How the frak can this happen?
No response or recourse from anyone in a Sens shirt when Boyle used EK's face as a speed bag!
Clearly C Neil is playing hurt.

I hate to say it but M Fisher would have made a difference in that game. Z Smith was a total passenger and offered zero value.

Hate to say this but if the Sens continue to play this way then they will be lucky to win one game against NYR