Monday, April 09, 2012

Shane Prince Player Diary Entry #5

I finished off my last entry prior to game 6 in Belleville. Well we ended up winning the series that game in a hard fought battle. The game was real tight. We were down 1-0 late in the second period and tied it up at one before we entered the third. In the third Toffoli scored to put us up 2-1 and that was the final.

On the bus ride back, Barrie beat Mississauga in game 6 of their own series, so that meant we were going to play Barrie in the second round. It was exciting knowing who our new opponent would be on our road to the cup.

Tuesday was an off day for me and the boys to just relax and enjoy the first round victory. All of the guys hung out at one of the billet houses during the day, and at night our owner took us all out to eat for a lovely dinner at Empire Grill in the market. It was a great day for the team. Spent a lot of time together and had a blast.

After our off day it was time to set our sights on Fridays game 1 of the second round. We got together at the rink in the morning for a stretch and to get out of bed and then we had practice at 4.

Thursday was just another practice day. It was the day before our game so everyone just relaxed and started thinking about game 1 on Friday. At night I went to Cold Stone to get some ice cream. I tend to do that on a lot of my game nights. It's just a weird superstition.

Friday was our normal game day routine. We started off with a 10 o'clock morning skate followed by a team breakfast at local heroes. After the breakfast I went home and took my nap and then ate me pre game meal which always consists of pasta, salad and apple juice.

Game 1 went really well for us. The first period we started off a little flat but Mrazek kept us in it with some huge saves early. The second and third periods we took it to them. We won the game 5-1 and I had 2 goals and 1 assist.

Saturday was a light skate day. We had practice at 1130 and after that everyone was on their own. I had a lot of family up for the weekend so I spent the rest of my Saturday walking downtown with my dad and other family members. We did a little shopping and just had a good day and enjoyed he nice weather. I returned home around 7 to cook myself some dinner and get to bed early to make sure I had a good rest for our 2 o'clock game Easter Sunday.

Sunday's game was a tough one. We were down 2-0 heading into the third and we managed to tie it up and send it to overtime. In the first overtime we had 20 shots alone and just took it to them but their goalie played as good as any goalie can. He made a ton of huge saves. With 20 seconds left I had an opportunity that sent the puck straight across the goal line. That's just how this game went for me. I couldn't seem to get a bounce. We ended up losing the game in the second overtime. The final shots were 67 to 38 in our favor. We definitely Deserved to win and it was a tough one to swallow.

Thanks everybody for reading and I hope you had a great Easter. Our next game is Tuesday in Barrie.


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