Friday, April 20, 2012

Which Team Has The Better Playoff Tee?


When the playoffs start each year, every team has something they use as a slogan or a way to motivate themselves. This year is no different with both the Senators and Rangers both wearing tee's with their mantra's on them. 

The Rangers says "the right way....the only way", though head coach John Tortorella refuses to expand on what the right way is. So far it's been headshots on our 2 best players. 

The Senators is Family, because the team is just that close this year and they consider themselves an extended family. It's cheesy but seems like a much rallying cry to me. Plus "Skinny one on the right" is just funny. It means keep the foot on the gas in case you were wondering.

So with that I ask, which team has the better playoff t-shirt? Vote below.

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