Friday, June 15, 2012

Don Cherry Is An Idiot. More so.

These are two tweets from resident racist, err I mean hockey legend Donald S Cherry from earlier today. They are of course praising Canadian Sens prospect Mark Stone, while criticizing Swedish Sens prospect Jakob Silfverberg. There's so much wrong here I don't even know where to begin, but I'll try to include it all as best I can.

Let's start with his ridiculous first statement. The Sens being up 3-2 over NYR and pulling Stone from the lineup is the thing you remember most from this season's playoff run? Really? Not the thrilling Philly-Pittsburgh series, or the game 7 double OT Goal by Henrique against Florida, or the Caps finally exceeding expectations, or the 8th seeded LA Kings taking out the #1, #2 and #3 seeds in the west before eventually winning the Stanley Cup with an incredible 16-4 record? That alone should be a fireable offense and speak to his "credibility". Hell I'm a die hard Sens fan and I barely remember that as a significant event in our playoff run, let alone in all the playoffs.

The notion that either player, both of whom were getting their first taste of NHL action had a massive impact one way or the other is stupid. While Stone's pass for Spezza's goal was definitely nice, it was Spezza who put the puck in the net and other than that the youngster was invisible for the most part. The same could be said for Silfverberg, who while he played 2 games, looked decent but far from spectacular. You can blame their age or inexperience if you want but the results just weren't there, for either of them. To single one out to this degree is insane and shows how out of touch Grapes really is.

While Stone is indeed a fairly blue chip prospect, one could argue that Silfverberg is the #1 prospect in the world at the moment, regularly being named the best player not in the NHL. He just came off an MVP Swedish Elite League season and a championship, while Stone was playing in the WHL. There's a big gap between being named the MVP of a league full of skilled men and playing Canadian Jr hockey. Cherry makes it seem as if the only difference was their ethnicity and that's wrong.

Furthermore, what does someone's ethnicity even matter? It shouldn't even be mentioned in a situation like this. The fact that the CBC, a station funded by taxpayers, allows this nonsense to continue is beyond embarrassing at this point. Not only is Cherry clearly racist, he isn't even right. Silfverberg was the right play and to insinuate anything else was at play, especially race is a ridiculous claim.

Unfortunately for the Canadian people, this kind of foolishness from Cherry has become par for the course.


Jonathan said...

Why are you wasting your time picking at nits? If on Twitter one has only 140 characters to say something, faulting someone for being imprecise - along the lines of, say, 'Don Cherry is an idiot because he hasn't written three tweets spelling out what he means by "this" in "this playoff run"', - is hardly hard-hitting commentary.

Moreover, why should your interpretation of what was memorable about this year's play-offs (or, what is more likely, the Sens-Rangers series) have any greater value for the rest of us than Don Cherry's?

Finally, Cherry's criticisms of European players are about their character. When he calls out 'chicken Swedes' you mistakenly think he's emphasising the 'Swede' part. It's not. His emphasis is on the 'chicken' part. If the two are virtually inseparable, it is because he thinks the Swedish hockey system instils that kind of quality in its players. No doubt Cherry is wrong about that, but if you're going to say he's wrong, at least get right what it is he's wrong about.

Anonymous said...

ok there cherry picker

Anonymous said...

Calm down Jon.

Anonymous said...

come on don "jon" cherry take it down a notch

Anonymous said...

I felt the same before hearing Cherrys thoguhts. Silferberg Also took what I said at the time, was a tide turning penalty and din't contribute at all in the game, other then a failed shot attempt on his first shift.
Stone had played tough all game, and set up the game winning goal. It was a mistake to play Silferberg.