Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fact Or Fiction?

This is what the Team 1200's Steve Lloyd told us a few days ago in regards to Filatov's RFA status/future with the Senators. It is the only place I've seen it reported thus far and I decided to do some digging around to some people who may have more insight into the matter than myself.  What I was told was that this was untrue and that he WILL be qualified still. Not because they expect him back any time soon but because it will not cost the Sens a dime to keep his NHL rights with him signed to a KHL team at the moment.

It just makes good business sense to keep an asset for later on instead of losing him for nothing. What if he matures and wants to come back in 4-5 years and is a completely different player? What if he gets it together and starts playing to the potential that saw him go so high in the draft just 4 years ago? It sure would be an awful feeling to know we let him go for no reason wouldn't it?

Time will tell to see which one of us is right but I keep hearing that this isn't the case and the Sens will qualify the Russian enigma to retain his NHL rights despite what Steve Lloyd has reported.



Anonymous said...

nobody reads SensTown. Get over it. It's a terrible blog with a terrible looking interface and the writer of said blog is always butthurt looking for the scoop. Grow up.

Lewy said...

You want our thoughts?! You're taking someone to task for something they heard and are quoting. What possible use could Lloyd have for lying about this? That's just asinine. Get over yourself.

Stephen Smith said...

taking someone to task? i didnt call him a liar or say names. Just said what he had reported wasn't accurrate and i was right.

Lloyd himself said Filatov will be qualified now. I was correct and that's what matters at the end of the day

Have a nice day

Lewy said...

An EXACT quote from you, off HFBoards:

"So to me Steve Lloyd was looking for a story exclusive and straight up lied and is now backtracking."

Anonymous said...

Sens Town is lame and becoming more and more embarrassing. His Twitter wars with legit media members is becoming laughable. No wonder the dude only goes to games with his Mom and Dad. No friends. Shitty blog. Horrific attitude. Eyes too close together. Go away!

Anonymous said...

I remember one time that he piggybacked a story about the new scoreboard and ran around like he was peeping thru the window as Melnyk was finalizing the deal.

Amateur hour blog as well...

New SENSTOWN- NHL Entry draft is tomorrow. Sens will select a player.

Next week sometime...

"See... I called it. Nobody is giving me credit"

Stephen Smith said...

haha you guys are funny :)

1) i was right, he was qualified like i said. Talk trash if you want, i can take it as long as Im right and i am. Again!

2) i didnt piggy back any story. i broke it and everyone else piggybacked me. That's why the Sun and others game me credit

proof 1---> http://www.senstown.com/2011/07/new-scoreboard-leaked.html

proof 2---> http://www.ottawasun.com/2011/07/29/new-sens-scoreboard-not-a-done-deal

notice the story i broke looks EXACTLY like our new scoreboard too.

Not to mention i also broke the all star jerseys first (not that big of a deal), the alfie left sbp and wouldnt play in game 3 before literally anyone and only one person credited me with it (ian mendes).

I've broken many other smaller stories so say what you want but i've been doing a good job.

If you hate it so much no one is forcing you to read. Not like it costs you anything to read. Pretty critical for free loaders.

I havent fought with any media members other than Erin Nicks and if you consider her legit than i dont know what to tell you and even then it was after she made derogatory comments about me first out of nowhere.

I get along well with almost every media member actually. Thanks for your concern fellas.

Enjoy the draft.

Anonymous said...

No "Haters Gonna Hate" bomb, Mr. Mayor? As Steve Lloyd said, we now know why its not called Class Town. You can go to school, but you cant buy class. Oh, but judging by your layout and grammar, you didnt go to school.

Anonymous said...

IMO, according the words of Filatovs Russian agent, he will return either after this season or after Olympic Games... he wont be in Russia longer time. Maybe his decision was influenced possible lockout of part of the season and less chance in preseason camp to show hisself. Or he wants to restart his career.

Lewy said...

Stephen, I'm not calling you out on "being right" -- we'll never know if Filatov was qualified when Lloyd reported that or not. What I'm "talking trash" about is how quick you were to condemn Steve Lloyd for reporting what he was told. You weren't right in crucifying a guy for doing his job, and your cocky attitude about it definitely isn't gaining you any fans.