Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Kuba's Time Comes To An End

At first glance of the title of this piece and I'm sure many in the Sens Army are happy to be able to finally read it. To say Kuba was unpopular may be an understatement. He was the frequent target of many fans ire during his 4 year stint with Ottawa, mostly because of his soft play and what appeared to be lack of effort.

He was gifted with a massive frame but his real talent was having the ability to be great at nothing and horrible at nothing. He was just sort of there and soaked up the minutes. While not spectacular Bryan Murray will now have to find a replacement in the offseason that is capable of replacing Kuba's top 4 minutes, which likely won't come cheap. Thanks to parting ways with the Czech Republic native however, the Sens have opened up an extra 3.7 million to spend on a replacement.

Sens GM Bryan Murray had this to say about Kuba via The Citizen's James Gordon: " He’s going to get his money. I think he’s going to get similar money to what he was earning with us. And I’m not going to go there, I don’t think"

It's the last part that worries me a bit. Why throw in the I don't think? It seems like he is leaving the door open for a return, even if it is a very slight chance. Then again, why would he go out of his way to make the comments about Kuba in the first place if he planned on bringing him back. For what it's worth I've heard he's gone and won't be back. The organization just thinks he's too inconsistent and would like someone with more passion in their game.

As we get closer to the NHL entry draft and the free agency, look for the Senators to try and trade the rights of Kuba ala Washington with Vokoun yesterday. It seems crazy to think anyone would be willing to give him 3.7 million and trade for the right, but if you need a veteran defenceman for a team in contention he may fit the bill. You just have to be willing to give a soon to be 36 year old a 3 year deal and around the same dollar amount, an amount and term that no longer fit in the resurgent Senators plans.

Thoughts on Kuba moving on?


Will said...

WOOOOO! now trade Gonchar to Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Gonchar had a pretty decent season. I'm not sure if Kuba is run out of town, you'd want to run out another veteran when it's far from certain if Borowiecki, Wiercioch or any of the younger guys will work out as full time NHLers. Be careful what you wish for.