Monday, June 11, 2012

The Los Angeles Kings Are Your 2011-12 Stanley Cup Champions

The hockey season is over and the Los Angeles Kings are your 2011-12 Stanley Cup Champions. They finished the playoffs an amazing 16-4, winning the final is 6 games  after a decisive 6-1 victory in the clinching game. The championship is all the more amazing when you take into account that they took out the top 3 seeds in the west and that they were an 8th seed, the first 8th seed to ever win the cup in fact.  It gives hope to any team who makes it into the playoffs from now on.

This is particularly satisfying for me personally, as the Kings were my west coast team that I follow very closely since 2009. I liked their team and always cheered them on but even as I write this I am shocked that they are the champions. What a remarkable, historic run. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings. You deserve every piece of credit you get.

Only 3 months until pre season begins.

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