Monday, July 09, 2012

2 Weddings, 2 Surprising Guests

It's no doubt that the summertime is wedding season. I've been to one already and have another coming up. Hockey players are no exception when it comes to summertime bliss, in fact due to their schedules, they almost exclusively get married in the summer. With that in mind, it was no surprise that members of the Sens were at some weddings this past weekend, especially considering one of said wedding's was Ottawa's own Erik Karlsson's in Sweden. What was eyebrow raising worthy however, was some of the guests involved. The unusual guests after the jump.

First up is Sens prospect Robin Lehner, on his way to Erik Karlsson's wedding while wearing what appears to be a matching outfit with the Rangers Carl Hagelin. Yes that one. Men In Black 4 anyone? While I'm at it, LOL at the faces they're making. Sometimes you forget these guys are just kids.

This is the tweet that accompanied the picture. Let's break the situation down shall we. First off, it's funny that Lehner is refers to himself in the 3rd person and by his last name. That alone is awesome, but as you think about it a bit more, seems a tad weird that Hagelin is at Karlsson's wedding doesn't it? Yes Hagelin is a Swede and obviously must be decent enough friends with EK to get the invite, but after the shot to the head of Alfie that may have ended his career, seems weird to be there no? Especially awkward considering Alfie was also at said wedding.

Now to be fair, they're all Swede's and perhaps they go way back as friends. And also to be fair, Hagelin was apparently gutted and upset that he hit Alfie with the elbow and called it a complete accident, though from the tape it's hard to argue that.

Just a bit surprising that he was there when Alfie was there, who of course is EK's mentor and was his house guest. I guess #11 must have forgiven him and moved on. Then I guess I can too, but seems odd to advertise the fact that he was in attendance, then again it was Lehner we're talking about here.

During the very same weekend, we had this one pop up as well. This time it's newly acquired Senator and Ottawa native Marc Methot at a wedding in the capital region. The fellow next to him is of course the captain of the hated Toronto Maple Leafs, Dion Phaneuf. See if you can see if over that shirt and tie combo. Brutal!

And this is what Methot decided to throw up with the picture he tweeted. I have to say well played Marc. An excellent entrance into the Battle of Ontario for a first attempt. I realize he doesn't have much to compare this rivalry to in Columbus, but taking a picture with the enemy of enemies isn't the best way to endear yourself to a new fan base. At least he went to the trouble of making fun of him.

I have so many questions about this picture though that will likely go unanawered. Like did Dion Phaneuf have a mirror at the hotel he was staying? No way he could have right? Was this his first choice or a sloppy second? (did I go too far there?). Who's wedding is this that knows both of them that's in Ottawa?

Two weddings and two surprising guests. I suppose the leason learned is that fans care way more about the rivalries and fueds than players usually do. Off the ice, most of these guys have some connection in their past and are usually pretty friendly with each other. It's one of sports dirtiest little secrets. The fans care more than the players.

On the other hand, with all the hard work they put in all year, they're entitled to some fun aren't they? You can play hard on the ice and be a good guy off it I think. As long as it doesn't affect your play, most people are probably ok with it. Just thought I'd pass along what odd bed fellows weddings can make in the hockey world.

Blame the dog days of summer for this post. Hockey is back soon but not soon enough.


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