Thursday, July 26, 2012

Butler Waived, To Be Bought Out

It's the end of the road for Bobby Butler, who today was placed on waivers with the intent to be bought out by the Sens. The organization had been trying to trade Butler for months but there were no takers for the lazy forward. There is a small chance that some other team may want to take a chance on him and give him an opportunity at his current salary of 1.2 million, but I don't see it happening.

The likely scenario is that he will be bought out by the Senators. That will mean payments of 200k for 2 seasons, with his cap hit only being 50k next season and 200k in 2013-14, which won't affect our cap situation at all thankfully.

The combination of lack of production and lack of effort was the dagger for Butler, who the Sens thought had a lot of promise at one time. He was given top 6 opportunities several times but it never worked out and from what I've seen personally and been told by people around the day to day with the Senators, everyone felt he was lazy and acted entitled. That's not something you can be when you're on the 4th line or a healthy scratch.

In the end, this is the right move for the Senators, who had no room for him on their roster and no desire to pay an AHL player 1.2 million this year in Binghamton. This may be the end to Butler' NHL career.

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