Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hump Day Thoughts

It's Wednesday, which means you're half way to another summer weekend. Hoora! The NHL may be in the middle of the offseason but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to talk about. In today's thoughts I touch on Gonchar being moved, possible buyouts that may be coming, potential offer sheets and the Rick Nash trade. My thoughts after the jump.

-With the Predators matching the Shea Weber offer sheet, does Philly pick up their interest in Sergei Gonchar? Despite the Sens lack of depth on the backend, I get the sense they'd still move him and his 5.5 million dollar salary if they could. Philly are looking to win the cup and Gonchar might be an excellent stop gap for a year before pursuing the next mega free agent next summer as they tend to do. Perhaps Voracek might be the piece that gets this deal done with Ottawa adding a 3rd rounder or so.

-The buyout season is upon us and there are rumors a plenty flying around and two involve Senator players. The first is the obvious one, Bobby Butler. After signing him to a ridiculous 2 year 1 way deal last offseason for some reason that they instantly regretted, the Sens have been trying to move him all season with zero interest. The team has had enough of his lack of production and his attitude and may be looking to just cut their loses and move on from the forward.

There's also another player possibly being discussed as a buyout rumor has it. This is not confirmed by any means but a source told me that they may also be considering buying out the freshly signed Kaspars Daugavins. Make of that what you will. He doesn't have much of a defined role on the team and we have a logjam of forwards with more potential. Keep this nugget in the back of your head in case it happens to go down, though it seems far fetched to me. Still figured I'd pass it on. It's only rumor at this point though.

- Sens enigmatic goalie prospect Robin Lehner finally turned 21 yesterday so send him a happy birthday wish on twitter @RobinLehner

-So the Blue Jackets held out all this time for Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon and a 1st? How mad must Howson be that Nash wouldn't come here now. Our offer of Zibanejad, Foligno, Lehner and a 1st blows there's out of the water in my opinion. Do the Sens turn to Bobby Ryan or Alexander Semin now?

-And finally, I personally still feel that we need a legitimate top 6 forward that can put up at least 25 goals next season but the pickings are slim right now. We don't want to overpay for a veteran UFA, so the only way to go out about addressing it at the moment is trade or an offer sheet.

Teams don't usually want to trade potential franchise guys, so perhaps it's time to consider an offer sheet? The two names that come to mind are Jamie Benn in Dallas and Evander Kane in Winnipeg. Both are young and both have a ton of potential and a hell of a future to come. If we are to make a move, it should be for a young emerging star in my opinion and both these guys fit the bill and then some.

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