Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sens To Sign Guillaume Latendresse. No Seriously.

The Ottawa Senators threw a curve ball today, no wait, what's worse than a curve ball? A lazy, underachieving ball? Whatever adjective you can think of if probably fits in this case. Fomer Montreal Canadien and former Minnesota Wild, but still disappointing Guillaume Latendresse is about to sign with the Sens. No seriously he is. He is currently in Ottawa taking a physical and if he passes he will ink a deal with Ottawa for one year at 1.25 million plus bonuses. TSN likes the deal, me and everyone who's ever watched hockey doesn't.

About the only good news at the moment is that he says he's 100% healthy and he has scored 33 goals in his last 81 games, which if he can keep it up would be worth more than the 1.2 gamble we're taking on him. Word is he wanted to be close to his kid in Montreal, which helped the Sens cause. If he comes in motivated and ready to work than it could be a great move but he hasn't yet in his NHL career, so what would make this any different? I have to think he's the type of player Paul MacLean would hate.

Thoughts on the potential official signing?

 Update @ 4:30pm: The signing is official. Here's the video of Latendresse after inking his deal. He sure seems happy to be in Ottawa. I'm not sure if he's 100% healthy though, he didn't really make it clear.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I've always liked Latendresse. It's a cheap deal for a guy who has to think this is one of his last chances in the NHL. He'll be flying.

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