Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Concept Logos

The other day I posted some concept jerseys from icethetics readers, they received mixed reaction and I wasn't a fan of them. Today we have some more visuals from the site, as some readers produced some concept logos for the Sens. I have to say once again I'm not a fan.

The Roman soldier just looks weird and too cartoonish for me. It reminds me of something a minor league team would use or even a high school team. The "O" with the Roman column suffers from the same problem and would be a side patch on its best day. The only saving grace is the Ottawa Senators word mark. While it's nothing to write home about, I'm in the camp that likes simple, clean looks, and it delivers on that front.

Overall I give it a D. They clearly had great intentions but the execution is lacking. Thanks for reading and follow me on twitter @SensTown

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