Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dog Days Of Summer Links

It's officially that time where almost nothing is happening, unless you want to count CBA negotiations, which I don't. While they are clearly important, I'm talking actual hockey moves. Our biggest move in the last month has been to buy out a borderline 4th liner with an attitude problem. Hardly big news. With that in mind the material to make posts is slim at best, so I apologize for not posting as much but I'm here to make it up to you with the latest edition of the links.

-The Senators need a top 6 forward and up to a few weeks ago Alex Semin needed a team and went to Carolina for 7 millie for one year. At the time I would have prob made that signing too given the one year flexibility should it not work out. Many thought it was a horrible call to sign him, I did not.  Here are 3 pieces defending him here, here, here and here.

- I know some of you were Nick Foligno fans. I was not. He tried hard and gave it his all no doubt but he took too many bad penalties and just was a mediocore hockey player with no more upside. Want to know why we traded him? Because of THIS. Have fun playing him 3.75 in 3 years Columbus. Yikes.

- For those of you who don't like soccer, peep this lol.

- Interesting read on the role of the enforcer, which is dying out in the NHL as we speak.

- With amazing in depth reporting like this, I can see why Bleacher Report was bought for 175 millions yesterday. No seriously it was. I'm glad I turned down the chance to write for them a couple years back. Worst move was keeping Craig Anderson, seriously? Do they even watch the Senators?

- If you follow any of the so called insider's on twitter and the net, please read this.

- What does a currently unemployed hockey player do in the offseason? The same thing as an employed one apparently.

- Very cool gesture by the LA Kings. Hard to hate on this.

- Excellent parody video by a Leaf fan. Well worth the watch trust me.

- Gotta love social media right? Thanks to twitter for giving us a picture after Alfie and EK worked out in Sweden by some family from the US. Alfie is looking a little plump there no?

- Of course there's going to be a women's bikini hockey league in case you were wondering.

- A very low key breakfast with some of the LA Kings guys.

- This has nothing to do with hockey whatsoever but it has to do with summer and it's pretty bad ass.

- Bobby Bulter has 4 eastern conference teams after him? I call bullshit. Who's the source? Oh it's Bobby's dad. Totally believe it now...............niet.

- Pat Sajak is on a Sidney Crosby hockey card for some reason. Kinda cool though.

- One of the greatest of all time talks Sens.

- And finally a cool time lapse of the scoreboard being put in at SBP.