Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello You Fool, I love You

Unless something drastically changes in the next 2 weeks, NHL training camps won't be starting on time and the season itself is in jeopardy, but that didn't stop some Sens players from rocking out 90's style last night at SBP. The legend that is Daniel Alfredsson, Norris winner Erik Karlsson and prospect Andre Petersson, who are all Swedish in case you didn't know, took in the Swedish 90's pop phenomenom that is Roxette. And apparently they adequately performed.

For all you youngins out there, Roxette were hugely popular in the early 90's, especially their song "Joyride" that hit #1 on the charts in almost every country in the world. In case you can't spot them, the 2 members of Roxette are net to Alfie and the woman dressed in all back with the Susan Powter haircut. Peep the video of Joyride after the jump. If you've never seen it you're gonna wanna check out the fromage and if you have seen it before its been awhile, so get nostalgic.

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Peter Raaymakers said...

Also pictured, I think: former Ottawa 67 Henrik Alfredsson (far left), Bibi Alfredsson (above Daniel), Erik Karlsson's wife Therese (brunette in the blue dress).

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