Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kyle Turris Puts A Ring On It

Not a bad week for Kyle Turris, as he is now 17.5 million dollars richer and got engaged as well. Very Karlsson-esque, bravo! I'm told that the future Mrs Turris is his college sweetheart Julie, who from everything I've been told is one of the nicest WAGS around. But the really big news (ok maybe not) is that I think Turris will be making an appearance on the back of my heritage jersey for the upcoming with the new deal locking him up. Congrats to the couple, mazel tov and welcome to your new home town.

If you want to wish them congrats hit them up on twitter @kyleturris and @jufu7. Thanks for reading and follow me too while you're at it @SensTown

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