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A Conversation With Marc Methot

One of the biggest unknowns for Sens Army is Marc Methot. The tough stay at home defenceman has yet to suit up for the Sens due to the lockout and many Sens fans are excited to get a glimpse at the future top 4 defenceman as soon as possible. I caught up with Marc to talk about dealing with the lockout and filling time, being traded to your hometown team, what it's like to play in Columbus and more. Check it all out after the jump.

Sens Town: Let's get right into it. How hard is it having a lockout right now? You must be dying to get out there.

Methot:  It's brutal. So many thoughts race through your brain every single day that passes about what I should be doing. Do I go overseas, do I stay here and keep training? And to me the worst part is the fans and people affected by it. Not just me, but all the workers and businesses involved that rely on the NHL.

Sens Town: I wont ask you to get into specifics of all the issues involved in it as I know it's very complicated, but make a prediction, do you there will be a season still?

Methot:  I hope so. If I don't get back on to the ice soon I'll go insane.

Sens Town: So I know you did the Northern Lights tour that recently ended. How was that?

Methot:  Unbelievable life experience. To see how these people thrive in those extreme conditions is very impressive.

Sens Town: I see that you've been practicing with Carleton a bit and some other local pro's. What else are you doing to keep busy and stay in shape in case there happens to be a season? Have any hobbies?

Methot:  That's just it, it's not like I can start skiing or doing activities like that because you risk injury. So I have to try and keep sane by staying in after my workouts and skating sessions. I bought some piranhas.

Sens Town:  Which Sens player that you've skated with have you been most impressed with so far?

Methot:  All of them to be honest. To see how tight this group is and how motivated they all are is very encouraging. I have tons of respect for this team.

Sens Town:  You won a memorial cup with London in the mid 2000's, where do you keep the ring? Do you wear it much?

Methot:  I never wear it actually. It's in a safe and kept there. I'm not the kind of a guy to walk around with that. All I'm focused on now is winning a Stanley Cup.

Sens Town:  So being an Ottawa native you must have been pretty pumped up when you found out you were traded to the Sens last July. How did you find out and what was your initial reaction?

Methot:  I was at a family reunion on Canada Day. On my way home I had to pick up some groceries and a truck literally hit my parked car and left a huge scrape...Got home all rattled obviously. Then I got the call and I was shaking that's how excited and shocked I was. My family was over the moon and so was I.

Sens Town: You must be getting hit up for a ton of tickets and gear now, how do you handle it all? IS it hard to say no?

Methot: No idea. The support group I have here is pretty huge. So I think only my parents are gonna get the freebies. Sorry folks!

Sens Town: I think the average NHL fan has a pretty bleak view of what it's like to play in Columbus. Tell us how it was playing there.

Methot: Great and supportive fans. They've been thru a lot there. I feel for them obviously. Classy organization too. Lots of respect for the Jackets and I'll miss that city.

Sens Town:  Did you find the whole Rick Nash situation to be a distraction last year?

Methot:  Not at all. He's a special player.

Sens Town:  So to those readers who may not be familiar with your game, tell us your style of play. I see you as a Chris Phillips type dman, is that a fair comparison?

Methot: Those are big shoes to fill. Chris is a prime example of a player I look up to. I always have growing up here in Ottawa. I'd like to think I'm a strong skater, physical and able to make good first passes.

Sens Town:  Were you a Sens fan growing up? Who was your fave player as a kid?

Methot:  Always been a Sens fan that's for sure. That was my team growing up. As for player, I'd have to say Ray Bourque.

Sens Town: So the Sens made a surprising playoff appearance last year and took the #1 seeded Rangers to 7 games. Ottawa has a ton of prospects and young players coming up as well, how is Ottawa as a team seen throughout the league?

Methot:  To me Ottawa was a team that flew ''under the radar'' all season. Maybe that's just because I was in the West? But I admire the way they clawed back and got into the playoffs.

Sens Town:  So what do you see your role being? Many say you're likely to pair with Norris winner Erik Karlsson whenever play starts up again.

Methot:  No idea. I don't want to get ahead of myself here. I'm willing to fill any role the team has in store for me. I just want to win.

Sens Town:  So you've worn #3 throughout your Jr and NHL career. Is there a story or any significance to it?

Methot:  None really. Other than the fact I've worn it since I was in Novice. It's my number.

Sens Town: Are you excited to play in your first Ottawa/Toronto or Ottawa/Montreal games? The atmosphere is incredible. I saw that you were at a wedding with Leaf captain Dion Phaneuf this summer. How did that come about and you were pretending to be his friend to take it to him later right ? haha

Methot:  I'm psyched to see how big the rivalry is first hand. As for Dion, we met 2 years ago at my first World Championship playing for Team Canada. I was invited this past season as well and we were D partners.

Sens Town:  Speaking of atmosphere, Ottawa is known as a bit of a quiet crowd generally but come playoff time, we really turn it up. Have you ever been to any Sens playoff games? I know you're hoping to play in some here no doubt.

Methot:  It's safe to say I haven't missed a single game over the past 3 seasons. I love playoff hockey. We made it my first season in Columbus and played Detroit. Columbus was electric for that and I know for a fact Ottawa is CRAZY during playoff time.

Sens Town: So what are your pre game rituals?

Methot:  It's all about routine. A good meal after our pre game skate, a solid hour nap, then a snack. At the arena I usually love to listen to some Rock or Metal and get fired up for the game.

Sens Town:  What are your must haves for road trips?

Methot:  My cell phone, lots of water and either a tv show to watch on my lap top like Sons of Anarchy or Dexter, or just a good solid book.

Sens Town: What's your favorite road city and why?

Methot: Aside from playing in Ottawa I'd have to say Los Angeles. Great restaurants and a nice hotel.

Sens Town: What's on your iPod usually?

Methot: Right now off the top of my head, (Alice in Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat)

Sens Town:  You're on twitter, what do you think of social media networks for players? It's a great way to communicate with fans etc but you really have to watch what you say or everyone will jump on it. Any horror stories?

Methot:  None so far. I love interacting with fans. Surprisingly nothing too negative ever pops up.

Sens Town:  What was your worst fan experience when someone did something weird or crazy when meeting you?

Methot:  I've seen some interesting signs in the stands with people playing around with my last name...Always a good laugh.

Sens Town:  What was it like playing for Canada at the Worlds? Had to have been pretty cool.

Methot:  An absolute honor to represent my country. Much different style of hockey on the big ice but I seem to thrive with all the skating. Fun meeting the other players too.

Sens Town: And finally, anything else you'd like to add?

Methot: You could write a book with all these questions you asked me haha, but it is the lockout, and I have plenty of time on my hands. Thanks Stephen.

You can follow Marc on twitter @MarcMethot3 and me on twitter @SensTown. Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this interview be sure to check out the interview archives for more interviews with your favorite Sens people.

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