Sunday, December 16, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

It's the holiday season and no doubt you've been asked 100's of times what you want for Christmas this year. Besides the obvious gift of the NHL returning, which seems as likely as Santa being real at this point, it can be hard to pinpoint something you truly want as you get older. When I was younger it was easy. You want the latest video game system or a stereo or something along those lines, but as you become an adult you buy all those things yourself when you want/need them.

Now I'm hoping a reader or perhaps a friend of a reader can help me out. I have been after this vintage Ottawa Senators Starter jacket for a decade or more and I can never manage to find one on Ebay, Used Ottawa, Kijiji or anywhere else. I've searched and searched and was never even able to find a picture of it the coat in question until I ran into a man in his 80's at SBP last year. I was able to snap a quick pic of the back to show you what it looks like. The front looks like this, but obviously with a Sens logo and not a Bulls one. In case you can't tell by the photo, the jacket is black.

I'd like it in an XL ideally but a large or XXL would probably work too. I know it's a longshot to even find this, let alone the perfect size, but I thought getting it out there might help me track it down. If you have any leads please contact me via email or twitter @SensTown

Help make my Christmas wish come true. I'd really appreciate it, as it's something that I've been trying to chase down for far too long and it means a lot to me. Thanks in advance for anyone who makes any effort, I really appreciate it.


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