Thursday, December 20, 2012

Globe And Mail Writes Hack Piece On Turris, Then Deletes It. Makes Turris Internet Famous.

It's a slow day in the sports tabloid world when Deadspin choses to put an Ottawa Senators player story on its site but that's exactly what happened yesterday. In all fairness, the polarizing site is more interested about why the Globe And Mail deleted the Turris story, more than they are about Turris himself, but nevertheless it's something you may want to read. To check it out click here. I think it's worth reading if you have some time on your hands.

My take is that the Globe And Mail writer wrote a crappy inaccurate piece and quickly retracted it before too much shit hit the fan, which is semi news I guess. The more troubling thing to me is how poorly written the article was in the first place. They take things out of context and assign tone that wasn't there. Turris complaining about having to eat at gas stations isn't saying food from Finland is terrible, more of a eating at gas stations is horrible, and I'm sure we can all relate to that. It seems that the writer came into the piece wanting to write an anti Turris piece and followed through with that thought, so much so that it probably wasn't even true. Typical Toronto hate on Ottawa perhaps.

So why am I bothering to put this up even? Like Deadspin, it's a slow day in Sens Town too and hey, this is Sens related, kinda. At least Deadspin has the luxury to cover all sports throughout the world. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on twitter @SensTown

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From Pulp To Paper said...

Hack piece? The piece looked fine to me, however Turris could certainly use some media training. Number one lesson should be "never insult entire communities with broad generalizations!" All of the controversial parts of this article can be found directly within his quotation marks.

As for the Globe pulling the piece, obviously there's some politics -- and not inaccuracies -- at play.