Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy 40th To Alfie

The one, the only Daniel Alfredsson is 40 today. Yes, 40! Hard to believe that the captain has hit the milestone age. It seems like only yesterday that he was winning the rookie of the year doesn't it? There's too many memories to count, but almost any significant Senators moment involves #11 in some capacity. The lack of hockey at the moment is made that much worse knowing that the longer the lockout goes, the likelihood of the franchise coming back diminishes with each passing day.

There will never be another Alfie. He will be the signature player for the Senators franchise. Sure one day we may land a player who puts up more points or has more natural talent, but no one will match the heart and passion that our captain has displayed while reppin' our team and city on his jersey.

Happy 40th birthday Alfie! I'm sure all he wants as a present is to get back on the ice and put on for our city one more time. Thanks for reading and follow me on twitter @SensTown

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