Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Season Is About To Start Or Be Cancelled, Depending Which Side You Want To Believe Links

It's December 9th and the lockout is at around 90 days. Within a couple of weeks, we will know either way if the season will be played or not. It seemed late Wednesday night that the season may have been saved but now it looks like there will be no hockey. I know a lot if you are mad, at both sides, and rightfully so. The fans just want hockey back. It isn't that endearing to fans making 50k a year to hear arguments about millions and billions of dollars. I'm doing my best to entertain you and keep you informed throughout the lockout, so here are the latest edition of the links.

- I don't thin that anyone has ever accused the Maple Leafs of being too exciting in the past decade or so at least, but even knowing that, this seems a bit unusual.

- Just another reason to buy NHL 13. Or not.

- Speaking of hockey related women, here's Paulina Gretzky doing whatever it takes to remain somewhat relevant.

- An awesome "Big Lebowski" themed goalie mask.

- This commercial has nothing to do with hockey. I just think it's hilarious and well done and you should see it right now.

- Methot vs Turris beef, who ya got? LoL. Good to see the newest Sen is fitting in well and joking with everyone already.

- So maybe Carrie Underwood isn't all bad after all. Interesting take on fighting.

- Given where we're at now, this "fact" sheet from the NHLPA in September is pretty funny. It's like one person giving their version of the truth.

- This made me LOL. Probably because it's so true.

- This is a crazy hockey story I had never heard. I suggest you give it a read. My how times have changed.

- Old school NHL coloring book? Hell yeah!

- Yikes!

-  Tell us something we didn't already know.

- Sens moved up 40 spots in ESPN's rankings this year.

- Not hockey related but Ottawa related. Crazy story!

- Syl St Laurent tweets what we're all thinking. Not sure how ex-Bsen Mike McKenna is in NHL 13 anyways.

- Haha this is an amazing way to celebrate a goal.

- Oopsies. I guess everyone makes mistakes and cuts potential hall of famers but still, this one hurts.

- I have to say that 90% of these are spot on.

- This crushed me. Not really. But it still sucks. It's more than just the players and owners.

- I'm not sure if this was written in gest or not. Either way it's terrible.

- Someone get these guys back on the ice asap.

- I still contend this team would have taken the Cup. No one can tell me different.

- Ah the amateurism that is jr hockey.

- Vice Magazine kills the NHL lockout.

- Awesomesauce!

- This seems about right.

- If you have a Jason Spezza fan boy on your Christmas list, this may help.

- During the lockout I've often found myself wondering, I sure wish i had director Kevin Smith's take on things. Bingo!

- This proves that something can be awesome and lame at the same time.

- ESPN give you their list of the worst contracts in the NHL.

Hope you enjoyed the latest edition of the links. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on twitter @SensTown and if you have any links you think people would be interested in email me.

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