Sunday, January 06, 2013

5:10am: The NHL Lockout Is Over.

So the NHL and NHLPA have come to a tentative deal that should save the season late tonight at 5:10am give or take a few minutes after meeting for 12+ hours Saturday night/Sunday morning. As of right now, we know the agreement is for 10 years, with an opt out after 8. The cap will be 63.4 million per team and the contract lengths are limited to 7 years for free agents and 8 years for your own UFA's. The deal should be officially done in a day or two and training camp should begin in a week or so.

While I'm thrilled I have my team back to watch and something to write about, the deal seems like something they could have hashed out MONTHS ago and avoided this whole ridiculous mess. That's all it took was my first reaction when I say the new terms. Either way, it doesn't matter now really, let's just be happy we get to talk about the players on the ice instead of the meetings off of it again. Welcome back hockey, I missed you.

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