Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photo Diary: Sens & Caps Through My Lens

Pre game warm up, as the Sens rock their heritage jerseys trying to snap their 2 game losing streak. They played pretty poorly against Tampa and followed it up with a less than stellar performance against Pittsburgh Sunday afternoon. Would it be three straight bad games or would they turn it around? Washington vs Ottawa photo diary style after the jump.

With the injury to Jason Spezza, Sens 2011 first rounded Mika Zibanejad made a surprise appearance. He would prove his worth throughout the game, even though he played on the 4th line.

And the Great 8 skates at centre ice at SBP. Ovechkin may have slowed down some from the pace he was scoring a few years ago, but #8 remains one of the scariest scorers in the league to me.

Anthem time with Lyndon Slewidge on the big screen, complete with Canadian flag passing by centre ice. It never gets old does it? If you're wondering by Lyndon is no longer rocking his OPP uni, it's because he retired from the force. Sharp tux though LS.

And one more of the anthem, this time in panoramic form just because I think it's a nice shot.

And we're off. Here's the opening face off, as the Sens look to end their 2 game mini slide. Side note, these uni's are gorgeous and it's only a matter of time before they become our full time home jerseys right?

Thank god the first period came to an end. The Sens were down 2-0 after 2 so so goals and they just looked uninterested to be honest. One of the most boring periods I've ever seen them play. Just horrible.

This is the faceoff to start the second. Nothing noteworthy happened. I just loved the way this shot came out. As always, the best things are done by accident and this is no exception. I screwed up the shutter and this is what happened. I think it looks pretty cool though, so I decided to share it.

The Erik Karlsson fan club was in full effect on Tuesday night and who could blame them? EK65 is off to a flying start again, proving all the critics wrong.

The Sens org took a minute to honor Ottawa native and Sens sponsored golfer Brad Fitsch, who finished tied for 3rd at the past weekend's PGA event, just a few shots behind Tiger. He made 146k for his troubles. Great to see Ottawa people doing it big.

And with just 1:23 left in the 2nd period, and despite playing 38:37 of horrible hockey, the Sens scored and were right back into the game. Jim O'Brien celebrated his birthday in style with the goal and gave the SBP crowd something to finally cheer for.

And of course the required line celebration also happened. Man those jerseys look great don't they?

Somehow the Sens only trailed 2-1 after 2, despite being outshot 24-15 and the crazy part is that this a a generous assessment of their play. Also I'm pretty sure the Caps are awful.

Can someone explain to me why grown men go nuts over a free hot dog or crappy t-shirt? Add it to the list of things I just don't understand.

And early into the 3rd off a faceoff, Milan Michalek ties the game up at 2's after his backhand found the back of the net. The Senators had NO BUSINESS being in this game, but Craig Anderson played well and the Caps let the Sens hang around ad hang around. The sign of a bad team.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Ovechkin! Here is AO doing his best Superman impression. What isn't shown is how he made no effort to stop and crashed into Anderson, yet received no penalty for some reason. Head scratcher.

And with just several minutes remaining in the game, last year's game 7 playoff hero Joel Ward took a penalty that he clearly disagreed with. This sent the Sens to the PP with a chance to win it late.

And the pass came to powerplay specialist Sergei Gonchar for the one timer..............

GOALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miraculously the Sens are leading 3-2 with just 2:30 remaining in the game after Gonchar's blast found the back of the net.

A few nice Craig Anderson saves and 2 minutes and 30 seconds later, the Sens got the W in a game they had zero business being even close to, let alone winning. The SBP faithful were sent home happy. High fives all around.

And with the 2 points secured, the Sens gave their fans a salute to see them off. It was freezing rain outside that night so I assumed they were wishing us a safe ride home right? right? Meh who even cares. We won a game we shouldn't have and that is the sign of a good team. Who can complain about weather after that.

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Unknown said...

Great recap and some awesome pics. I was wondering why Lyndon Slewidge wasn't wearing his uniform, thanks for clearing that up. Gotta love the comeback kids, they did it again last night too.