Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bruins After Alfie Says LeBrun

The Senators continue to truck along without many of their star players and are still holding down a playoff spot momentarily, be should we fall out of the 8th spot, would the Sens consider trading 40 year old captain Daniel Alfreddson? I can't see it happening but hockey inside Pierre LeBrun speculated that the Boston Bruins, amongst others would be very interested in acquiring Alfie.

In the video, which you can see here, LeBrun makes the obvious Boston/Ottawa connection consisting of B's captain Zdeno Chara and GM Peter Chiarelli, both who are very familiar with Alfie of course from their time with the Sens organization.

But would Alfie leave? Or would Bryan Murray try and trade him? Both are unlikely and are predicated on Alfie being willing to leave and the Sens season collapsing, but I can't see Alfie wanting to leave after all his hard work here for a chance at the cup in a city he doesn't call home. Ray Bourque was successful once he left Boston for Denver, but it didn't seem as genuine to see him hold Stanley in an Avs uni did it?

The Bruins and other teams may have assets would could use come trade deadline day on April 3rd, but there's no price worth losing your all time franchise player either. LeBrun says Murray will likely let Alfie know his options but won't make him leave if he doesn't want to. That seems fair doesn't it? He's earned the right to decide his own fate and if he had to go somewhere the B's certainly are serious Stanley Cup contenders.

In the end, I think it's just something to talk about in the middle of a long season. Of course the Bruins would be interested, they'd be crazy not to be. But Alfie is a Sen and I'd bet on him being a Senator for life. Alfie isn't going anywhere people. He's as Ottawa as bureaucracy.

Would you trade Alfie? Or let him do what he wants?

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