Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ottawa Retailer Clubhouse Selling Sens Suck Hat

It isn't like Sens fans aren't somewhat used to Leaf merchandise being widely available in our city. You can easily find it at Sports Experts, Sport Chek and of course there was the Roots fiasco at Bayshore, where they had a huge TML display and no Sens gear. Ottawa fans don't like it, but I think many of us understand simple finances of carrying such product. It's there because people buy it enough to make it worth being carried. We all know there's a lot of Leaf Nation in our city's borders and we tolerate it because we have to.

But now there's this. Clubhouse, an Ottawa sports merchandise company with 4 Ottawa locations, including one just a few steps away from SBP, has tried to cash in on the rivalry with Leafs Suck hats in Sens red and Sens Suck in Leafs blue lettering. It's one thing to sell some Leafs stuff, I understand why, but it's another to sell hats hating on your own local team. That is unacceptable.

Clearly the people running the store didn't calculate the math very well. The rewards of selling  a few Sens Suck hats clearly won't be worth the amount of customers who will no longer give them any business. It's a ridiculous move and one that shouldn't be accepted by the Sens Army. The fans complained so much about the Roots situation that they changed it. I imagine something like that scenario will play out here as well once word spreads and I'm sure they have lost more than a few customers for life just for trying to sell a Sens Suck hat in Ottawa.

I'm not quite sure how no one at the company realized this could easily be a problem. Maybe the Leafs management took over without us knowing? I find it unacceptable and will no longer be supporting this business personally and I imagine I'm not the only one. That is unless they make a Clubhouse Sucks hat.

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Colin Baker said...

As a life long Leafs fan, I hope this article is read by a huge number of people, so that our fans continue to look infinitely better by comparison. Thank you sir.

Adam Nowek said...

Call the wahmbulance and get over it. You're acting like a petulant child. Boycotting a business because they're going for a cheap laugh? Are you kidding me?