Sunday, February 03, 2013

Montreal Typical

Sure the Senators lost their 2nd straight game this afternoon, this time 2-1 to the Habs in Montreal, but they shouldn't have. This is what everyone was talking about, after a Senators game tying goal early in the 3rd period was wiped out. Here's the replay and you can see this has to be one of the worst calls of all time. No excuse, just pathetic and it robbed us of some valuable points against a division rival. What can you say except Montreal typical right?

Jakob Silfverberg, who ironically scored the Sens only goal of the game, was the one called for goalie interference, although in the replay you can see not only did he not touch Price (if anything Price hits him), the Habs netminder is out of his crease and safe zone. The fact that 4 on ice officials missed this one is a head scratcher and was just another bad call in a very poorly officiated game period. Even worse than just not allowing the goal without a penalty, which is possible, the ref gave Silfverberg 2 mins, which allowed the Canadiens a powerplay.

When will the NHL do something about this? The most frustrating thing is the lack of accountability. Want to ask the refs to explain themselves after the game changing call? Too bad for you, the NHL won't let you. In an age of video technology there's zero excuse not to get calls like this right. The NHL should be adopting the NFL standard of reviewing every goal scored. They're simply too important, especially in a shortened season, to not get it right. Millions of dollars are at stake and passionate fan bases are fed up. All you had to do was look at twitter afterwards to see. Even Habs, Leafs and other teams fans said we were robbed.

You can tell it's a horseshit call because once the goal is scored, not ONE Habs player or coach is remotely mad or complaining about it. Carey Price doesn't get mad like netminders tend to do when they feel interfered with either.

Oh ya, Craig Anderson played amazing again, keeping his streak of no goals given up in the 2nd or 3rd in tact still, and Carey Pricey was very good, PK Subban suited up for the first time, the Sens looked slow and horrible offensively, Erik Karlsson was Erik Karlsson, which means he was spectacular of course.

The Sens have now lost 2 in a row, but this one left a particularly sour taste in my mouth. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on twitter @SensTown

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