Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sens Powerplay Struggles Hit 0-25

The Senators are hurting right now, it's no secret. With injuries to their top 3 scorers from last season, Ottawa is playing more than shorthanded at the moment. But even with that being said, their current 0-25 streak on the powerplay is shocking.

Part of the problem is their 2 primary puck handlers are no longer playing in Karlsson and Spezza, so instead of being able to carry the puck into the opposition's offensive zone and keeping possession, the Senators have been reverting back to an old dump and chase system, usually from centre ice, but that method has been met with little to no success.

The dump and chase from guys like Phillips or Gonchar gives the opponent at 50/50 chance to get to the puck before the Senators do and that is a massive problem. It's hard to sustain any pressure when you don't have the puck. So how do they solve it? They need to work on having someone being able to skate the puck in, which is easier said than done, but worth a try at this point. Guys like Silfverberg, Alie and Turris have the skill to be able to do it, at least some of the time and that's a start.

The streak has to end at some point just by sure luck, let's hope they go with the new strategy and the streak ends tonight against Long Island. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on twitter @SensTown

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