Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Sens Season May Be In Trouble Without Jason Spezza

The season started with such promise didn't it? The Sens came out flying and looked like a sure fire playoff team. Erik Karlsson was still awesome, Craig Anderson was playing out of his mind, and a ton of young guys were playing better than expected. That was a few ago now, but it might have well been months. It seems like the Senators are now a different team without Jason Spezza, who is out 2 months after back surgery. Don't look now but the Sens have now lost 3 of 4 and the playoffs may be out of the question if they don't make a move soon.

The scoring has dried up since Spezza left. It isn't that they aren't getting shots, but they are all from the perimeter and the quality chances are lacking big time. You can only rely on an amazing defenceman, Kalsson, and a 40 yr old, Afie, for so much. The Senators need to hold the fort until #19 returns, but they need to get some top 6 talent in to make it to the playoffs.

The problem of course, is that top 6 is almost impossible to get and it costs a small fortune, especially in a shortened season where no one is out of the playoff chase yet. The most common named being tossed around is Florida Panthers forward Stephen Weiss, who is a UFA at the end of the year and has no intentions of re-upping with the struggling South Florida outfit.

The Panthers want a small fortune to acquire him no doubt, but is it worth it? It depends on your outlook. The Sens are far from Stanley Cup contenders still, so do you give up a ton of future players for someone who maybe gets you a 6 seed? At best. Or do you stay the course and hope the players in Bingo can get us over the hump until Spezza returns and keep all your assets, even though that may mean the season this year may be a waste.

My take is to let the season play out and see where the chips fall. You don't mortgage the future for a run at the 2nd round, especially with all the high end talent we have on cheap contracts. But it's what Bryan Murray thinks that counts. I could see him going either way, but BM the GM has been known to pull a move out of nowhere, so we'll see what happens. Just a little Sunday morning thinking.

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