Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is the image of your worst fears coming to fruition. This is Erik Karlsson as Matt Cooke slices his achilles tendon, an injury that will force him to have surgery, miss the rest of the year and may put his career in doubt. It's also the 2013 Ottawa Senators season going up in flames. That is all. Nothing more to say right now. No Spezza, no Karlsson, no playoffs. Oh ya, we also lost the game 4-2. Take your frustrations out in the comment section or on twitter with me @SensTown


Ringer said...

That's a great photo. You should really the Photo Credit to the photographer. After all it's their skill that you are using to promote and have interesting content on your Blog.

Anderson Clark said...

This is the standard advice for an ACUTE injury. However, you indicate that this is an overuse injury and that you are continuing to use the treadmill.