Monday, February 04, 2013

This Jacket Actually Happened

Luckily this monstrosity of a sport jacket was worn for the annual Sens charity event at Casino Lac Leamy tonight. It had a graffiti theme, which I guess explains the amazing airbrushed look. I can't decide if this is a jersey foul out not, but since it was for charity and on a jacket I'm willing to let it slide. The jacket was sported throughout the night by PA announcer Stuntman Stu and was later auctioned off for more than $3000, which goes to prove the adage money can't buy you taste. At least it went to a good cause. The evening raised 255k. To see the recap of the evening click here.

You can follow Stuntman Stu on twitter @StuntmanStu and me @SensTown. Thanks for reading.

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