Sunday, March 31, 2013

Battle Of Ontario Through My Smartphone

The tickets that got me into the building featuring Milan Michalek, who was randomly chillin in front of SBP before the game in full suit and tie with the Czech Women's National Team and NO ONE noticed. And I mean no one. Would this happen anywhere else in the NHL where an All Star could hang out in front of their arena in a suit and go incognito? It was an interesting start to the game.

Also I headed into SBP in a great mood, as my two other teams involved in big matches had already won. Syracuse to the Final Four and Manchester United all but clinched the EPL title with a 1-0 win at Sunderland. I was hoping I'd go 3 for 3 on the day. Also remember, I took all these from my smartphone, so on a few of them that I had to zoom in with far away and then crop, the quality is about as good as the Sens performance during the game. My apologies.

Pre game warm up and the Sens are rocking their heritage jerseys. Man these are sweet. No matter how many times I see them they always pop so much more on the ice. We need to make these our permanent home jerseys soon. I hear it's in the works.

It's anthem time and you can feel the excitement in the air. Despite what they claim, Leaf fans DO care about these games just as much as Sens fans do. It's always a special even any time these two squads link up, especially with both of them being in playoff position for once. One anthem nights are always fun. You know you're in for a good game.

So the game starts, Alfie takes a penalty, Leafs score a bad goal. Kassian/Orr fight. Greening/Fraser fight. Kassian/McLaren fight. Sens are down 1-0 at intermission. It was an exciting first stanza that reminded you of a Sens/Leafs game from the late 90's/early 2000's. Oh ya, and we had a goal called off because the ref lost sight of the puck and blew his whistle too quickly.

The 2nd period was pretty uneventful. We played pretty poorly to be honest. We could barely complete a pass and we just didn't have it for whatever reason. With 2:44 left in the 2nd, Nazem Kadri made it 2-0. The Sens may be pesky, but it looked hopeless for once.

So the 2nd and intermission was sorta depressing so I decided to snap a few pics. From left to right is an Ottawa Senators Easter bunny, a group of people holding signs that said Flesherton loves Chris Neil (his hometown btw), the #4 ranked heavyweight in the world Tyson Fury from Ireland, who is in Ottawa training for an upcoming fight and wore a Sens St Paddy's day jersey to the game and finally some #PeskySens tee's available in the Sens Store downstairs.

This has to be one of the lowest moments for me at a Sens game. At SBP, Nazem Kadri gets a hat trick and Leafs Nations celebrates by throwing their hats in OUR rink. This hurt!

At this point the game was 4-0 and everyone was MORE than frustrated. We were playing arguably one of our worst games of the season. We just couldn't get any puck luck at all. At least it was another big sellout. Everyone was so bored they went crazy for Don Cherry (top right pink jacket). Not even Alfie (or his statue) could save us on this night. The ever classy Leaf fans tried to get an Alfie sucks chant going, it was quickly shot down. At least someone left the game with $22,000 more than they came with. The way our luck was going that night it was probably a Leaf fan who won.

Let's just say it wasn't a game to remember. At least my other 2 teams won right? Sorry for the collages this time, the pictures were acting up and they were coming up in the wrong direction no matter what I did, so I went for the collage to give you guys as many pics as possible. So if there are any problems blame it on the picture loader.

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