Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sens Acquire Matt Kassian From Wild For 6th Rounder

The Senators have announced that they have acquired Matt Kassian from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for a 6th round draft pick in 2014. Kassian has played 28 NHL games, while scoring 2 career goals. Twenty four of those games came in 2011-12 where he had 7 fights in those 24 games played, so between that stat and the pic you can tell why he was brought in. He will add some team toughness I suppose and he is described as a legit heavyweight fighter. I imagine this was done so guys like Phillips and Wiercioch don't have to drop the gloves anymore. Oh ya and he is also nicknamed "The Kassassin" with matching website which is kinda awesome in a lame way. Here's what Bryan Murray had to say about it.

My take: I don't really see the need for him, no matter how little he cost. I don't really see how having a guy who only fights on your team helps, other than not having your better players fight, which only helps if Kassian happens to be on the ice when an incident happens, otherwise the players on ice will jump to their teammates defence still. And we all know 4th line fighters get tons of ice time. Nevertheless, I will see how it plays out, maybe it will help, who knows.

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