Friday, March 29, 2013

Should The Sens Be Interested In Cammalleri?

The Sens may be pesky, but let's face it, at some point in the playoffs, they're going to need to score more goals. Ottawa currently sits in 22nd place in goals for with 2.5 a game so far, and that number is so high because we've been on a bit of a goal scoring tear as of late. It's no secret however, that we lack some high end offensive talent at the moment. We score by committee, and while it makes for great depth, you need those top tier guys to really make your team successful.

Our need for some scoring has only increased with word that Jason Spezza, who was expected to be back in the next week to ten days, likely won't be ready by the end of the regular season and may not be able to suit up for the playoffs either. It was another gut punch in a season of gut punches. Not to mention that a guy who put up 35 goals last season in Milan Michalek has been missing most of the year too, and seems nowhere close to coming back either. And oh ya, that Karlsson guy isn't pulling a Willis Reed type comeback. So where will the goals come from in the playoffs?

And that's where Calgary's Mike Cammalleri comes into play. It's no secret that the Flames are in full dump mode and trying to shed salary. Cammalleri is 30, which is hardly old, but doesn't fit into a teams youth movement plan either, but would be perfect for a team on the rise like the Sens, who are mostly comprised of young players, but could use an influx of veteran skill and goal scoring.

It's true he makes 6 million a year, which would end up costing the Sens somewhere around 882k for the rest of this year, which that cost would be recovered in the first home playoff game. He is also signed for next year at 6million, which makes him more than a rental, but a short term commitment as well, should things not go as planned.

We know Bryan Murray is a Cammalleri fan, after all he nearly signed him here the last time he was a UFA, before Montreal stepped up with an extra year and extra million per on the deal. While he is a natural centre, there's no reason he couldn't move to the wing to play with Spezza whenever he returns and in the mean time could fill the #1 centre role, currently being handled by Kyle Turris, who by all accounts is in over his head in that position despite playing well at the moment.

So what would it take to get him? Calgary is rebuilding and definitely could use a young goaltender in the mix. I imagine something like Ben Bishop, plus a 2nd or a 2nd tier prospect perhaps. It depends on how badly Calgary wants to shed salary and how committed they are to a youth movement.

Murray has said he isn't desperate to move one of our three current goalies and I more than believe him. They won't be moved at the deadline unless he thinks the deal will help the club long term. He won't me mortgaging the future for a playoff run this year. Next year with everyone back is the year we can make a serious run at Lord Stanley. But Cammlleri is only 30 and signed for next year, so it would be a move for this year and the future.

We've been winning because we only let in 2 goals a game, the fewest per in the NHL, but we're going to need to score more if we have any hope of a playoff run come May and June. I don't want to mortgage the future either, but in some ways, they owe it to the players who have somehow kept us afloat all year in this remarkable run. The pesky Sens need some help.

So Cammalleri for Bishop + pick or minor prospect. Who says no?

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