Thursday, March 28, 2013

So This Is Happening......

So another addition into the weird season of the Ottawa Senators has emerged, as the Sens owner now wants to hire a team to forensically investigate the Matt Cooke "stomp" on EK65 that ended his season. I assume he thinks that they will somehow be able to prove the motion and force wasn't consistent with a normal play. I can't tell if this is a brilliant move that may be setting the standard for the future of sports, or if this is completely insane and he should have kept it to himself.

On one hand it seems laughable and crazy, but most new ideas tend to go that way. What if found some experts that could measure the angles and force applied and could determine that it wasn't a regular play. Then you could start considering it as evidence in the future for other suspension discussions in the NHL and other sports. It could be a breakthrough, you never know. Either way, it's apparently happening and landed us on Deadspin again, so there's that. Read to the full piece here .

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