Sunday, March 31, 2013

This Was A Bad Look

Now I don't want to say that this idiot speaks for the real Sens fans out there for even a second, but after Saturday's defeat to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Sens fan Mike Smyth took to twitter and spewed this racist garbage towards the Leafs Nazem Kadri, who of course is Muslim and had a hat trick in the 4-0 win over Ottawa.

You have to really question the type of person who is 2013 publicly makes racist statements on such a public forum. Who knows what he must say in private or actually think in his head. Remember Sens Army, it's just a game. Sure a rivalry is good, great even, but putting someone else down, especially in a racist manner, only makes you look foolish.

If there's any justice out there, someone out there will know this caveman and he will be publicly shamed, or lose his job. Spread the word if you can. Not cool at all. Sorry Mike, you've been dishonorably discharged from Sens Army. You're no longer welcome.

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