Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last Day Playoff Scenarios

So here we are on the last day of the NHL season, an extra day only reserved for us and Boston even, and we still don't know who our opponent for the first round will be. With last night's disheartening loss to a poor Philadelphia team, the Senators can no longer finish in 6th place and play the Washington Capitals. The best they can finish is 7th, but 8th is also a very real possibility. I know many of you are unsure about what to root for during today's game with the B's, so I'm breaking it down for you. We can still play Boston, Pittsburgh or Montreal depending on what happens tonight. Here are the scenarios needed for each potential series.

Ottawa vs Pittsburgh: As of right now, we sit in eighth place, one point behind the NY Islanders. Should we lose in regulation tonight, our punishment will be the Pittsburgh Penguins, the number 1 seed in the East. If you recall on Monday we played them without Neal, Malkin, Crosby, Letang or Marc Andre Fleury and were still manhandled. The only positive would be a chance to get some minor revenge on Matt Cooke. Let's hope this one doesn't happen. It could get ugly. Also I'm bored of playing them in the first round.

Ottawa vs Boston: This is a bit better option perhaps than playing the Pens, but still a pretty undesired matchup. The only saving grace is that we've yet to face the B's in the post season in our franchise history, so there's that. There's also that we haven't beaten them in like a gillion games straight or something. So we may want to avoid this one too. The way we do it ironically will be to beat them tonight. If we lose in overtime or a shootout  later today, our reward will be a series back in Boston.

Ottawa vs Montreal: This scenario is the easiest. If we win in regulation time tonight, we play the Montreal Canadiens in the first round. It would be the first time we have ever played our neighbors and would definitely be an excitement between the two teams fan bases given our proximity to each other. It would be the first series fans from both sides could easily attend every game should they have the means to do so. It's also in my opinion, the opponent that gives us the best chance at advancing to the 2nd round. If I had my pick I'd take the Habs in round 1. Remember to buy your playoff tickets now in case we do end up playing the Habs so we're able to keep the rioters out of our building.

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