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Photo Diary: Game 3 Through My Smartphone

With game 3 looming and it being 25 degrees outside, it was the perfect mix for a little Sunday funday action,  and no matter what expectations you may have had entering this game after all the animosity of the first 2 games, the end result was something no one really expected. Little did we know that this was the calm before the storm.

This series has been 86 years in the making and if you were looking for a souvenir, some of these pucks were a pretty good option.

Is there anything that looks better than SBP at playoff time? You gotta love seeing those towels draped over every seat. During the warmup I was also able to check out Methot's new mowhawk do since he doesn't wear a bucket. The excitement was in the air, you could feel it.

And the award for best fan made tee's go to these guys hands down. By the way, speaking of fans, it was nice to be at a big game against Montreal and see the crowd be 90% Sens fans.

The lights were turned down, the red came on, the players came out and SBP erupted. We get a bad rap sometimes as Sens fans but they sure brought it Sunday night.

Montreal vs Ottawa while the anthem is being sung, complete with the Canadian flag in the shot. Added to the mix was 20,000+ belting out the anthem and it would damn near bring a tear to your eye. What a beautiful sight.

And just like that, it was the opening faceoff and game time. Matt Kassian started the game, which should perhaps have been a foreshadow of what was to come.

Just 6 minutes in and the Sens were on the board courtesy of the one and only Alfie.  The period would end tied at 1's, even though the Sens were finally the better team this series.
After the first I needed to walk so I went to a Sens Store an saw this tee. It's simple and plain but gets the job done. They had other styles better than this if you're interested in a series souvenir. Gear up!
Boom! With almost 5 minute gone in the 2nd, Pageau was sent in all alone after a nice pass from Gonchar and he put the Sens up 2-1. Even more more remarkable was that a split second after the shot, PK Subban hit his face hard with his stick and knocked a tooth out. There was quite a bit of blood on the ice but he eventually found it. Weird stat, in this series whatever team has a player lose a tooth is undefeated so far.
The start of the 3rd had the crowd nervous with only a 2-1 lead, but just 1:18 in, Gatineau native Pageau beat Price with a weak shot that extended the lead to 3-1 and gave #44 his second of the game. The crowd began to do a Pageau chant in the Ole cadence. It was AWESOME. See it here if you missed it.
The Sens were all over Montreal most of the game and carried the play. Alfie made a nice pass just out of the reach of Karlsson, for which should have been a goal, but no worries, #11 slipped it back in front to Turris, who made it 4-1 with 13 minutes left. The place went nuts and I was able to temporarily relax for a second.
And when I said temporarily and for a second, I meant it, as off the faceoff just 4 seconds after the goal, a full on brawl erupted after White gave Zack Smith a wicked slash to his ankle. It was on! Fights everywhere and a ton of ejections, for I'm not really sure why since fighting is allowed in the NHL. It was the first time I can remember the Sens involved in something like this in the playoffs. Wild to see 10 guys fighting at once line brawl style in the post season.
And the aftermath lol. When everyone was done, Matt Kassian was at centre ice and just did a wing flap several like the Heat's birdman Andersen. It cracked me up.
They took about 10 minutes to sort out all the penalties, so in the meantime they announced the attendance and it was a jam packed sellout. This figure is the most people allowed in SBP.
So after all the dust had cleared, the Sens were on the PP and 8 seconds of game time after the brawl , Jakob Silfverberg made it 5-1. The crowd was loving it and who could blame them.
And while in our end where Rene Bourque was playing dirty and doing this, PK Subban was at the other end picking a fight with Kyle Turris. What a tough guy. He was ejected. He also kept punching Turris while he was on the ice, which is cheap an a total no no in the NHL. Classless.
So this was the scene after all the ejections, when each team was only left with 10 skaters or so. Look at how incredibly empty the benches are.
What's that you say, it's been almost 5 minutes without a fight? Don't worry, they had your back as Gallagher and Conacher dropped their tiny people gloves. This was an awful "fight".
And finally, what a way to end the night, as JG Pageau scored his 3rd with under 2 minutes left for the hat trick. What a night for the rook. The hats came a flying onto the ice and the Pageau chants started up again. The perfect end to an all timer type of game that no one will be forgetting anytime soon.
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