Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Pesky Playoff Links

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, but with the playoffs here, there's tons to talk about and read, and let's face it, these pesky Sens sure are entertaining aren't they? There's never a lack of things to talk about with the team, and let's not forget our provincial rivals, who went out in spectacular fashion. So with that being said, here is a playoff edition of the links.

-Scoring a shorthanded, game tying goal affords you some extra attention. Daniel Alfredsson on the Jim Rome show.

-How classy is Erik Karlsson? He took time out in the hand shake line to do this.

-We live in a technological society, so what better way to show a little Sens spirit than to do this on your smartphone.

-Alfie is a finalist for an award I wasn't aware that existed until I saw this. But props anyways.

-Life sure is good Pierre. Life is good.

-Some leftover hilarity from round 1.

-Here's some more lol.

-An awesome timeline of the Sens and Pens playoff style.

-Sens Army is heavy, even in Ethipoia.

-Just another reason why they love the Sens.

-So this happened. Gross! But in a weird way I have to admire his ability to not give a shit.

-100% legit reason.

-This has been one of my favorite moments of the season. SBP crowd has been terrific this postseason. Here too.

-LoL @ Marc Bergevin.

-Speaking of Bergevin and Therrien, they sure complained a lot but they didn't have a problem with this obvious no call/suspension.

-Oh ya, remember the line brawl in game 3 of round 1? This cracks me up. What our bench looked like after the fights.

-This guy is a fan.

-Uh Oh lol.

-Interesting read.

-Oh Toronto. Never change.

-The B-Sens got Irish.

-Just another reason to love Rihanna. And here. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here.

-Larry Brooks got it right. So did half of Puck Daddy.

-Cheesy. But whatever.

-Live from The Senate Tavern.

-I still don't even remotely understand or agree with this.

-Sens in Punjabi? Sure why not.

-I know it's the Leafs and all but it would have been cool if SBP did something like this for us. The same white towels for 10 years gets boring.

-But nothing like this please SMH.

-Suck it Montreal.

-Cool. But boring. But cool.

-Typical TGOR.

-Toronto fans watching the game 7 collapse.

-Not sure if this was done as a joke or not, but either way it's funny.

-If you  just can't get enough, here's some more Leaf fans in misery.

-Ok Ok, one more. Maybe the best one.

-Once in SIXTY LIFETIMES Toronto.

-Series Ottawa.

-Well this is ummm......something. Not sure how they got some many guys to agree to this but in any case enjoy.

-Don't fuck with the Walrus, or Sens Army, with a little cameo from yours truly. Here too.

-This is old. But still AMAZING!!!

-Alfie game 3 tying SHG gif. And video. And the full game is you want to re-live the fun.

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