Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Alfredsson Can Talk To Other Teams & Other Thoughts

At 12:01am this morning, Daniel Alfredsson became available to talk to for the other 29 teams in the NHL. The Sens had been in discussion with Alfie and his agent JP Barry all week, but not contract has been  agreed to as of yet, which means other teams are now allowed to call and make offers. It appears there are 3 possibilities at the moment. Scenario 1 is a one year deal, scenario 2 is a 2 year deal and scenario 3 is he signs with another team.

The latter option is very far fetched, as Alfie has of course never suited up with any team besides Ottawa in his NHL career, and the chances of him moving on are extremely minor at best. However, allowing it to get to this point is likely still a bit of a mistake, whether we want to admit or not. I can't really see a way in which he doesn't end up playing here still next year, but do you really want other teams calling to sweet talk him? You never know what can happen right? I still say he ultimately signs a 2 year deal in the 9-10 million dollar range in the near future. But the door is open ever so slightly for other teams to scoop our beloved captain, no matter how small that chance may be, it's worse than having no chance at all if we had of signed him already.

Tuesday saw a couple of big name free agents signed before Friday's UFA day, as Vinny Lecavalier and Pascal Dupuis are now off the market. Lecavalier, who signed with the Flyers in the most Flyer signing ever, after nearly half the league was in line to sign the former superstar player. Ottawa was a huge admirer back in the day and came close to acquiring him 10 years ago, but this time they had no interest and it's easy to see why.

Dupuis on the other hand was definitely on the Sens radar and his re-signing with the Pens makes the UFA market that much smaller. Dupuis got 3.75 million per x 4 years, complete with a partial NTC, which I just don't get. I wasn't a fan of the Sens looking to sign Dupuis, so I'm glad that option is off the table. I think he's more of a product of where he plays and less a solid, dependable scorer. I couldn't see him replicating the same level of play on another team.

Just a reminder that the 2013 Sens development camp opens today, so if you have a chance to come out, I suggest you do so. It's a great chance to check out the future Sens and it's free, so you cannot be that. Full report tomorrow on Sens Town.

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