Thursday, July 11, 2013

Melnyk Breaks His Silence On Alfie

It's coming up on a week now since Daniel Alfredsson left the Senators as a free agent and to many of us, myself included, it still doesn't really seem real. Many are angry, some are hurt and most of us are just confused. Sens owner Eugene Melnyk, who himself has been the centre of major controversy as of late, had yet to open up about his version of what went wrong with the Alfie negotiations. Well we now have our first comments about it via CBC.

Interesting to note that he seems to more than convincingly dispute the Alfredsson camp/media charge that the Senators were too slow moving in negotiations. He also seems to take any of the fault away from Bryan Murray, which of course, could easily be the truth anyways. He also seemed more than happy to let us know we should move on, which is the right move, but is easier said than done. Especially when it's so fresh.

Melnyk is clearly trying to take the high road by not saying anything bad about Alfie, but he has to be frustrated and wonder what went wrong, unless of course, he knows the real reason and is unwilling to say at the moment. Since it doesn't look like Alfie or Melnyk or Murray are likely to spill the beans any time soon, it appears we may never know what exactly the problem was that lead to the captain changing organizations so late in his career. The only hope now is maybe after Alfie retires or someone involved no longer has anything to lose that the truth may eventually come up.

For now, still no closure. Keep wondering Sens fans. Keep wondering where it all went wrong.

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