Monday, September 23, 2013

A Conversation With Nina Vigile From The Project Guatemala

Nina reppin the Sens in her jersey
The Sens Army may not be as big as Leaf Nation, but we do roll pretty deep. Besides, it's the quality, not the quantity right? We may have a smaller fanbase, but we do boast some decent celeb members who cheer for the Senators. There's no secret that many people move between Toronto and Ottawa, so there's fans of both teams in each city. One of those Sens fans living in enemy territory is Nina Vigile, who is one of the stars of OLN's The Project Guatemala that premieres tonight at 10pm. I sat down with the reality star to talk Ottawa, Sens hockey and about her new show.

Sens Town: So you grew up in Ottawa and lived here until recently moving to Toronto right. How big of a Sens fan are you?

Nina Vigile: I grew up in a family of boys and all of them played hockey, so being the only girl, hockey and the Ottawa Senators have always been a big part of my life.

ST: Who are your all time favorite Senator players?

Nina: My all time favorite players are Mike Fisher (was a total hunk), and Jason Spezza is my current favorite for obvious reasons.

ST: How much do you follow the team?

Nina: Whenever I visit home, my daddy and I go for wings and beers at a sports bar near by, otherwise if there's a game on it's always playing on our TV at home.

ST: What's your best Sens related memory so far?

Nina: My best Sens related memory would definitely be when the Sens made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2007.

ST:  How do you think the team will do this year? It's seems to be a season that could see the team do well if everyone plays up to their potential.

Nina: It's hard to say how they'll do this year with all the new young players, but I'm definitely rooting for them big time from Toronto!

ST: Did you happen to bring any Sens gear with you for your trip on the show? Do you ever wear any around Toronto to annoy Leafs fans?

Nina: Unfortunately I wasn't able to bring any Sens gear on the trip and I don' usually wear any around Toronto but I definitely would now that the season has begun. Especially if the Senators want to send me some free stuff haha.

ST: So let's talk about your show for a second. How do you get involved?

Nina: A friend of mine knew the casting director for the TV show, so he referred me and the rest is history.

ST: So for those of us who may not know, explain what the concept of the show is exactly.

Nina: The Project Guatemala is about taking "nine privileged young adults" out of their element and giving them the opportunity to experience the trip of a lifetime - and give back to those less fortunate.

ST: From the trailer, it says that basically they tricked the cast into thinking it was going to be a normal reality type show and surprised you all by making you do work for those less well off than you in Guatemala. How do you feel about being misled?

Nina: At first I was understandably a little upset and offended that I was misled in such a dishonest way, but hey I'm always saying how much I love surprises and like to make the best of every situation, so i went with it and ended up appreciating the opportunity to be part of something that will have such a great impact on others. It really was life changing, I became so much more aware, knowledgeable and compassionate along with so much more.

ST: Sounds like in the end it ended up being really positive. That's a great way to look at it. So when you're not saving the world, what do you like to do in your down time?

Nina: I spend most of my free time at the mall, the gym, or Starbucks just relaxing. I also enjoy taking off every month to travel whether it be to journeyto  different civilizations or simply to relax amongst family and friends. I also thoroughly enjoy reading, as well as taking care of my prized possession, my teacup Yorkie named Louis. And of course watching the Sens when I can.

ST:  So when and where can we watch you and your show?

Nina: Tune in for the premiere of The Project: Guatemala on Monday September 23 @ 10PM, immediately followed by a live aftershow. You can watch it on City TV or The Outdoor Life Network.

ST: If people want to know more about you or follow you on social networks where can they go? And more upcoming projects?

Nina: They can follow me on instagram @enveegile or Facebook Nina Vigile to stay tuned in on some new tv shows, events and my Canada tour i will be doing! And Go Sens Go xoxo

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