Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Funday Training Camp Links

The 2013-14 Ottawa Senators training camp is in full swing, leaving the Sens with a 2-1 record thus far. The team is looking good and there are a ton of solid prospects competing for just a few possible openings, so the camp is a little more ferocious than usual. Despite losing Alfie, the expectations are running high in Hockey Country. Here is the latest edition of the links for your Sunday afternoon reading pleasure.

-A few publications have named the Senators as their pick to win this year's Stanley Cup. Well if you're as confident as them, why not seal the deal with a replica Sens ring ?

-Got an extra couple million lying around? You could buy this former Senators home. Or this one.

-Here's what Craig Anderson will be wearing this season.

-New Senator Bobby Ryan didn't always go by that name. Read his incredible story here.

-Fredrink Claesson gets his Serena Williams on.

-Find out where your favorite NHLer ranks in the Twitterverse.

-An Ottawa pizza spot needs to make a Sens version asap.

-For all you OG Sens fans out there, poster up!

-Marc Methot fan? You're welcome.

-Why can't a Canadian franchise win the cup? the NY Times has a theory.

-And this was BEFORE Alfie left, Bobby Ryan signed and the Melnyk $ issue came up.

-The Jimmy Fallon NHL Awards.

-Ever wondered what it would be like to be in the city of the winning team when they win the Stanley Cup? Chicago KILLS it!

-This is still kinda funny. But ridiculous. But funny.

-Oh Nashville LOL. And this!

-If you want some old pictures of BFR here you go. The name of the site is classic though.

-Seems like he swagger jacked our Senatron, but the Leafs have a superhero now too.

-The Minnesota Vikings may have never won a Superbowl, but they have a Sens fan now in Kyle Rudolph.

-Looking for tickets to the Sens/Canucks Heritage Classic in March? Here you go. But they be more expensive than originally thought.

-The Star was trolling the hell out of Toronto fans and I LOVED every second of it haha.

-30 teams in 30 days: Ottawa Senators.

-Glad to see the former 67 has a sense of humor.

-Former Sen Marian Hossa, just chillin.

-How do the Senators prospects stack up? Check it out.

-I know many of you don't want to hear it yet, but this is right. This is a matter of opnion however, depending who you chose to believe.

-Hey, when you get high you get the munchies.

-Mike Fisher was not as manly as we may have thought.

-Matt Kassian got married this offseason.

-Love Seinfeld? Love the Sens? This is for you then.

-And finally, some of the best NHL commercials of all time.

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