Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Spezza Era Off To A Great Start, Mistake Made On Season Ticket Holder Box

The 2013-14 season doesn't start for the Senators for another couple of days, but we've been told for weeks that the Jason Spezza era is now in effect since he was named Captain on September 14th. Well it may be a new year, but the Sens organization continue to make old mistakes.

Look at the cover of the box that season ticket holders received recently containing their tickets and extras. Notice anything off? If you said it features Jason Spezza with an "A" instead of the newly appointed "C", then you would be correct. It's an embarrassing error by an organization trying to embrace a new face of the franchise with Daniel Alfredsson long gone. The timing is especially poor as the Senators were just named the best sports organization in Canada according to ESPN The Magazine.

The error was compounded by the fact that season ticket holders were also missing something in their package box, namely their parking passes. A notice was sent out to most STH's that the problem would be rectified quickly, but that 2 strikes on 2 very easily accomplished tasks. Not sure who was in charge of quality control of either of these gaffes, but that's pretty crappy to let slide through the cracks. Twice! Maybe theyc an be sent down to Bingo for some seasoning.

The Jason Spezza error is particularly sad, as they're desperately trying to move on from the loss of Alfie as the clear face of the organization. I'm sure part of the problem was naming him so late as the new captain, but in that case they should have at least photoshopped the "A" out, or used another picture where the letter wouldn't be visible if they weren't sure. Point is, they could have easily made the educated guess Spezza would be the new captain and had it ready. It's the little things that make an organization great. This is an early L.

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