Monday, March 17, 2014


Yes, 6.1% is our chance at making the playoffs as I write this. Not too great right? I'm not exactly sure where it all went wrong, but it has, badly. With 15 games remaining in this frustrating season, the Senators currently sit 7 points back of 8th in the conference. That means with a possible 30 points left to acquire they have to make up at least those 7, plus overtake 3 teams.

Can it be done? Sure, why not, in the sense that technically ANYTHING can be done until it's no longer mathematically possible. But in the realistic sense, the Senators will likely have to go something like 12-3 or 13-2 to have any sort of shot at making the post season. And even if they somehow managed to pull that off, something that seems more than unlikely the way we've been playing, they'd still need the teams ahead of them to drop a significant amount of points to have any shot.

Of course, stranger things have happened, but with a record of only 3-5-2 in their last 10, the Senators season will be a disappointing one if you believe in the odds. There's still time to go on a hot streak, but realistically with the 3-1 loss yesterday, we were all but eliminated from post season contention.

It should be an interesting off season however. One that may even top the ridiculous one last summer if you can believe it. There have been disappointments to go around in every aspect of the team, so I'd expect some significant changes. The good news in all this? Today is St Patty's Day. Go and drown your Sens sorrows in a few pints of green lager.

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