Thursday, March 20, 2014

Playing Out The String.....Sens vs Lightning

As the Senators were doubled up 8-4 on Tuesday by the New York Rangers, it was more than just another regular season loss. It was a season ending loss and everyone knew it. While the Sens still have more than 10 games left, it all but eliminated them from post season contention. At this point there chances of making the playoffs rests at a meagre 2.7%, which might as well be non-existent. They would need to practically go undefeated and still get help from teams above them dropping points. So they're essentially just playing out the string.

I'm not exactly sure where the season went awry, but it did. I guess you could even make the argument that it never really got off the ground. They've been inconsistent and frustrating from start to finish. And whenever a season like this happens, someone will take the blame, but who will it be?

Almost every single player took a step back from last year, minus a few like Kyle Turris, so how do you explain an entire team regressing? I think it started with a lack of discipline, that has continued to plague this team all year. We simply don't have the elite talent to constantly come from behind.

Sure we're done for this year, but players are still playing to have a spot on the team for next year, or for their next contract, either here or somewhere else. It would go along way with me and the fans if the Senators at least played hard and had a high compete level the rest of the way.

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