Friday, July 04, 2014

David Legwand Inks 2 Year Deal With Sens

The Ottawa Senators have signed free agent David Legwand to a 2 year, 6 million dollar deal according to numerous reports. The 33 year old veteran had an impressive 51 points last year and for 3 million, it's hard to hate on that. He does happen to play centre as well, so is this the centre that Bryan Murray was talking about a couple of days ago? You would think not since he seemed to indicate that player was coming via trade.

Nevertheless, it's a decent signing for the price for a team that desperately needs some offensive upgrades after losing Ales Hemsky and Jason Spezza this week. The Sens landed the centre, who had deals on the table with multiple teams. Does this mean that Ottawa is back to being a desirable UFA destination? Probably a bit premature to go that far, but at least we got a decent NHL vet, at a decent price. Which as we all know, is VERY important to this organization.

Do you like the signing?

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