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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Funday Training Camp Links

The 2013-14 Ottawa Senators training camp is in full swing, leaving the Sens with a 2-1 record thus far. The team is looking good and there are a ton of solid prospects competing for just a few possible openings, so the camp is a little more ferocious than usual. Despite losing Alfie, the expectations are running high in Hockey Country. Here is the latest edition of the links for your Sunday afternoon reading pleasure.

-A few publications have named the Senators as their pick to win this year's Stanley Cup. Well if you're as confident as them, why not seal the deal with a replica Sens ring ?

-Got an extra couple million lying around? You could buy this former Senators home. Or this one.

-Here's what Craig Anderson will be wearing this season.

-New Senator Bobby Ryan didn't always go by that name. Read his incredible story here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Pesky Playoff Links

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, but with the playoffs here, there's tons to talk about and read, and let's face it, these pesky Sens sure are entertaining aren't they? There's never a lack of things to talk about with the team, and let's not forget our provincial rivals, who went out in spectacular fashion. So with that being said, here is a playoff edition of the links.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Season Is About To Start Or Be Cancelled, Depending Which Side You Want To Believe Links

It's December 9th and the lockout is at around 90 days. Within a couple of weeks, we will know either way if the season will be played or not. It seemed late Wednesday night that the season may have been saved but now it looks like there will be no hockey. I know a lot if you are mad, at both sides, and rightfully so. The fans just want hockey back. It isn't that endearing to fans making 50k a year to hear arguments about millions and billions of dollars. I'm doing my best to entertain you and keep you informed throughout the lockout, so here are the latest edition of the links.

Monday, September 03, 2012

The Labor Day Links

Once again Labor Day is upon us and as we all know, Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer. Also you can no longer wear white pants, if that's your bag it sucks to be you. If you have kids, at least they're going back to school. But usually the blow of summer ending is lessened by the fact that hockey is just around the corner. That is not the case this year for obvious reasons, so all of you hockey mad people will have to find other ways to spend your time. It's an unfortunate game of chicken, where no one is the winner, especially not the fans. My gift to you is the latest edition of The Links. Happy Labor Day!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dog Days Of Summer Links

It's officially that time where almost nothing is happening, unless you want to count CBA negotiations, which I don't. While they are clearly important, I'm talking actual hockey moves. Our biggest move in the last month has been to buy out a borderline 4th liner with an attitude problem. Hardly big news. With that in mind the material to make posts is slim at best, so I apologize for not posting as much but I'm here to make it up to you with the latest edition of the links.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The There's Always Next Year Links

Its been nearly a month since the last time the Sens had a game and many of you are going though Senators withdrawal. It's an understandable condition for the die hards in Sens Amry. The good news is the draft and free agency is around the corner, and September will be here soon enough. The Sens have some holes to fill and the return of Daniel Alfredsson is still up in the air, so the offseason should be a fairly interesting one. It's been awhile since I've done one of these but I figured I'd do what I can to get you through the summer. Enjoy the latest edition of the links.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Your Media Playoff Preview Links

With just one day remaining until the playoffs start and 2 days until the Sens post season begins, all your favorite (or unfavorite) media outlets are putting out their playoff previews. To save you time and effort, I've compiled all the Sens/Rangers for you all in one spot. Just remember that if you don't like what they have to say that most of the same people predicted a Sens last place finish, so they usually don't know what they're talking about. Believe it! Links after the jump.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The I'm Really Sorry I Was Gone So Long & Didn't Update The Site As Much As I Should Have But I'll Make It Up To You With A Massive Edition Of The Links Links

Welcome back everyone to the latest edition of the links. I know everyone enjoys these a lot and I'm sorry it's been 2 months since the last one. But now I'm back in the swing of things and they will be coming with more frequency in the future, I promise. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Training Camp Is Here Links

David Rundblad at training camp
The official start to the new season is here, training camp! I for one am very excited to see how all the youngin's progress and in a selfish way, I'm glad that I have actual news and things to talk about instead of having to manufacture things to discuss for 5 months. The Sens have 60 players in camp which is massive, so I had to keep up and give you a massive version of the links. As always here are stories from all over that may have fallen through the cracks. Enjoy the latest edition.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Ya It's Monday And You're Back At Work And Summer Is Almost Over But At Least You Have New Links To Read Links

I know I know, you're all getting bummed out because summer is creeping to an end, but look on the bright side, hockey season is almost here. As much as I love coming up with content to fill up a very long offseason where nothing really happens, it will be good to have actual hockey and players to talk about again. Only a few more weeks left before hockey will consume your life for 7+ months, so make them count. It could be worse, at least you have a new edition of the links to read to get you through your case of the Monday's.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The We're Half Way Through The Offseason Links

Bryan Murray at a media scrum at the 2011 NHL Draft in Minnesota
The NHL draft is over, the free agent "frenzy" is a but a memory, and the offseason is half over already. As expected, BM the GM didn't do much via the free agent market, and with such a weak class I'm more than happy with what we did, or should I say what we didn't do. The point of a rebuild is to slowly restock your team, this is chess not checkers after all.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Season Is Over And We're Starving For Any News Links

The 2010-11 Sens, or at least what's left of them, salute the fans after the final game vs Montreal
The season has been over for almost 3 weeks now, the draft/free agency is still almost 2 months away, and we've just come off arguably the best first round of the playoffs of all time. The problem is there has been precious little Senators news, and I know many of you need your medicine, so I figured it's a good time for another edition of the links. Enjoy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The These Kids Might Be Alright After All Links

Well the trade deadline has come and come, several fomer Sens are in new cities, and the team is comprised of half NHLers and half AHLers, but you know what, they've become fun to watch again, and that's a good start isn't it? I think it will be fun watching a new group of players become our core over the next few years and to be able to track their progress throughout the seasons. So time for a new edition of the ever popular links. Enjoy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Cory Clouston Looks Like The Saddest Man In Ottawa Links

To say things aren't exactly going well for the Sens or Cory Clouston right now would be quite the understatement. Is it me or does he look like he's thinking of a kitten dying every time they show him behind the bench. He looks tired and fed up, like he's tried absoultely everything possible to no avail. I actually feel bad for the guy. He looks run down, yet doesn't have the NHL resume to be able to afford to quit his job. With that said, we all need a little cheering up, so thought it's been 2 months, here is the latest edition of the links. Happy Monday.

-Speaking of where things started to go wrong for the Sens, you could pretty much pinpoint it to the decision to choose Redden or Zdeno Chara. Here's what superstar Wade is up to these days.

-An awesome little piece on the Canucks visit to Ottawa for rememberance day.

-Everyone in Sens Army is hoping that prospect Robin Lehner turns out to be our first franchise goalie. Here's a detailed look at his new mask.

-It's a little bit of old news now, but Sens Town's Heatley Photo Diary was featured on Yahoo's Puck Daddy.

-Did you like the Winter Classic? Sens prospect Jared Cowen played in his own outdoor game recently in the WHL.

-Since we're in desperate need of a goalie, perhaps we should bring back Ray Emery? I can't see it happening but he is getting healthy and wants to make a comeback.

-There's a new review out on SBP and I have to say it's a little bit overrated.

-Really touching video about the Foligno's from the World Jr's.

-I have to say this is kinda funny and lame......and I want a Sens version at the same time.

-I don't like the Maple Leafs or the Habs, so this is really entertaining of course.

-The Score decided to make a video about the top 10 jersey fouls. Of course I've been on that tip for quite awhile, so they had to jack some of my pictures. See #5.

-I couldn't co-sign this statement anymore, excellent point made.

-This is one of the coolest and saddest stories of the hockey year.

-I don't know how his hockey skills are, but at least he would provide some entertainment at SBP during this dark time.

-What went wrong to have us where we are? Wayne Scanlan has some thoughts.

-Binghamton Senators player Kaspars Daugavins won Puck Daddy's goal of the year.

-Sens Town gets some love from the Team 1200 too in this video hating on Heatley.

-Anaheim resident and Ducks player Joffrey Lupol doesn't think much about our traffic issues. Then again I don't think much about the name Joffrey.

-I'm not sure how I missed this exactly, but it is awesome. Seinfeld and the Sens = money.

-Well at least the Sens managed to do some good this year, about 360k worth, which is impressive for one night's work.

-What does Marty Tuco think of a guy rumored to be in the running for our GM job? Not much apparently in this hilarious clip.

Thoughts on the links?

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Kovalev Is Starting To Play Well Because It's A Contract Year Links

It's that time again, the latest edition of the links. Sit back, enjoy and hopefully this makes your Monday a little bit better to deal with. If not, at least the Sens have won 3 in a row, Kovalev is actually playing well, and Kuba should return by 2014.

-Ok this one is kinda mean, but is guaranteed to make you laugh. This video is even more ironic when you take into consideration the start he has had this season. Sorry Big Rig, err I mean Big Game Chris.

-And here I thought an authentic name and number jersey was expensive at $450. This jersey blows mine out of the water.

-I've seen some weird things in my life, and some weirder things at hockey games, but this is definitely one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

-This is a little late, but it's a season preview courtesy of Pierre LeBrun.

-Oops! What former Sen was embrassed a little while ago?

-Are you a gambling type of person? Of course not, it's illegal. But say you were, here are the odds for each team this season.

-Looks like our fan base isn't the only one's worried about how our goaltending will hold up, as SI ranked us 28th out of 30 teams.

-Which former Sen has a new column? No not Brad Shaw, stop asking me, instead it is ?

-Intersting little video piece on the Baby Sens.

-This made me laugh. It was from the first week of the season when Leaf Nation was feeling a tad over confident.

-With this kind of amazing reporting, it's hard to see why people hate the Sun. His Pulitzer must be in the mail right?

-What a shocking conclusion in this piece. Next you're going to tell me looks matter too.

-A couple of Sens found themselves in the NHL's top 20 most hated players. To see who was included and what number they were click here.

-October was Hockey Fights Cancer month. I think we all know someone affected by the awful disease. Here is Nick Foligno and his take.

-We ARE NOT trading Jason Spezza.

-And now to the most important issue facing fans, the Beer Cost Index.

-This is one of the best things I've seen in a long time.

-While they were both struggling to start the year, it now appears that this piece is coming true.

-Did you miss the opening of the Binghamton/Toronto AHL game a few weeks ago on CBC? Well here is your chance to see it.

-This was written a week ago, and sadly neither have scored still.

-I generally don't like many ideas that come out of Russia, unless they involve vodka, but this is an idea I could probably get behind if it came to the NHL.

-How is 2007 1st rounder Jim O'Brien doing in Bingo? Watch here.

-For some reason we now get Habs games in english in Ottawa.

-Congratulations! Only took them 14 years to figure out something needs to be done. We will see if anything ever actually happens.

-This has become a regular thing, another edition of the links, another piece hating on the Sens from THN.

-The other day I posted about how former Sen and Ottawa native Shean Donovan had signed a tryout with the Syracuse Crunch. Now comes word that he decided to walk away without even playing a game because he missed his family. Chum is always a class act, all the best.

-Will Alfie make the HOF? John Buccigross thinks so.

-Only in Philly right?

-And finally, where do the Sens rank in the East for goal celerations? Click here to find out.

Thoughts on the links?

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Training Camp Off Day Links

With real hockey news to actually write about for a change, I've been sitting on a lot of links for the past few weeks. So now, like Nick Foligno exploding with goals, I am explaoding with information. Through a week and a bit of camp, I have to say, I love the look of our team, which is a great feeling to have. So without any major problems (minus Kuba injury), sit back and enjoy an extra extra long version of the links.

-First off, we all knew this was coming, but Cheechoo has been released from Dallas' training camp. Who knows, maybe he can play in Europe or the KHL still.

-Really awesome take and idea about preseason jerseys.

-You think you have a nice collection of hockey stuff? This guy begs to differ.

-I found this to be kinda weird, that he was still practicing in Ottawa all summer, guess he shouldn't have left after all. He's also just changed his number to #28 for Jersey.

-A stroll down memory lane.

-Ever wonder what the teams might look like if Quebec and Winnipeg got their teams back? Wonder no more.

-Speaking of a Quebec expansion team, I'm all for hockey and everything but this is a ridiculous way to spend tax money.

-Remember that whole Dan Ellis thing? Well Sens Town got some shine courtesy of Puck Daddy again. If I knew I was gonna be on Yahoo again, I would have taken the extra second to spell check, oops.

-For those of you who regularly read me, you know I can't stand Sidney Crosby. Having said that, this was still pretty bad ass.

-THN debates if Spezza or Yashin was better.

-A nice little clip of Gonchar and Karlsson before camp started.

-A rundown of the coming and going for the 6 Canadian teams.

-THN screwing us again with their predictions. I mean come on guys, do you know anything about hockey?

-In this weeks WAG news, Mrs. Fisher getting into acting and Mrs. Comrie had some picture issues.

-You know you're good when your former GM is praising you even after you left for more money.

-Call me crazy but what's the point of this?

-A feature on prospect Jared Cowen and another one here.

-This is sad news, can we do what's right and get him in the HHOF already?

-In hindsight, this was premature.

-It seems that married life agrees with Fisherwood.

-Granted I am not a memerobilia expert, but this seems pricey still.

-Yet another reason why Alfie is so awesome.

-Raising 120k for an afternoon is pretty solid, good job guys.

-This is pretty sad if you ask me.

-Top 30 player in the league rankings, check out #21.

-Former Sen jason Smith pled not guilty to those ugly charges from a few weeks ago.

-An interesting take for our season preview. Prepare for lots of hate mail for that Alfie crack from Sens fans.

-An interesting video with some Sens rookies, good for a few laughs.

-Hometown boy Corey Cowick is livin the dream......until he gets sent to the AHL.

-Despite it being the Leafs, I still kinda find this to be cool.

-Very nice to see after years of being so bad that Bingo is gonna have a good team this season.

-While I'm not sure who Pickler is, I'm going to have to agree with this.

-For all of your Fisherwood fans, you missed out on this.

-And finally, a super cool piece on how each NHL team got their name. It is a really interesting read and cool to see why some are named what they are.

Hope everyone enjoyed the links.


Monday, September 06, 2010

The Labor Day Links

While it may be Labor Day for all of you, the Mayor is still working hard, so you have something to read on your holiday Monday. With hockey only 11 days away, the links are heating up.

-Uh oh, here we go again. I thought once July 1st came and went that this nonsense was over. I don't see this happening at all, unless the Kings are willing to overpay us substantially. At least it would be a trade with my west coast team. Hopefully Wayne Simmonds would be included in any possible deal.

-Speaking of Eklund and Hockeybuzz, I wouldn't worry too much about the rumors Spezza fans, this is actually how he generates his rumours.

-The CBC and the AHL have reached a pact to broadcast AHL games this year, but Bingo will only be appearing one time sadly.

-I know it's Grapes and all, but I don't see TML making the post season, yet again.

-One of the first season previews is out via

-When this happens, it's safe to say Flames fans are not that excited about the season to come.

-Thank god I don't live in Philly. First the Flyers and now this.

-Speaking of blogging, this is also quite ridiculous. Time to get with the times guys.

-Interesting little feature on the one we call Alfie and his battle with the clock. Also his thoughts on NHL players and the Olympics.

-Though his game 7 meltdown will forever haunt me, I have to admit this made me laugh.

-To get you back in the groove for the new season, why not check last years top 10 Sens rookie goals, though I think there's a few from a year before as well.

-3 different takes on the TV schedule here, here and here.

-Former Sen Mike Comrie is now a member of the enemy Pittsburgh Penguins and yes Hilary will be attending the games. Hilary vs Carrie, who will come out on top? I have to admit it would have been funny if we brought him back for a third tour here however.

-It was the 5 year anniversary of the Heatley/Hossa trade 2 weeks ago, a trade that at the time I loved and now I wish had never donned our uniform ever.

-Wondering how Milan Michalek is doing this offseason with his recovery? Peep the interview here.

-While not Senator related, this is always awesome to watch.

-Will getting to a 1000 first motivate Kovie? I doubt it, but that's what they are proposing.

-After seeing this, I don't wanna hear a word from Habs fans this year. To make it even funnier, this was from 2008, when they went nowhere, not 2009 when they made their lucky ass run to the ECF.

-And finally, a little piece on some of the prospects battling for jobs this year at camp.

Thoughts on the links?

Everyone enjoy their long weekend Monday and a very Happy Birthday goes out to my dad.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sorry I Haven't Been Posting That Much lately, But I'll Make Up for It With An Extra Big Edition Of the Links Links

Yes I know I haven't been updating that much as of late, but fear not, there was a reaason, or rather several. It was my birthday, then I had a few days in Toronto and it's August, not much is going on after all. So never fear, I am back in full effect and there will be a bunch of awesome photo diaries coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. So here you are, the latest edition of the links, enjoy!

-No love lost here, as he was one of my least favorite Sens players ever, but good to see Alexandre Picard sign with a new team, especially considering who it's with.

-Speaking of former Senators.......K-Town legend Todd White was moved from Atlanta to the Rangers in a deal that got little attention. Todd is one of my all timer's for signing a glossy 8x10 for me, with the phrase K-Town Forever on it.

-Sens super prospect Robin Lehner is playing for Sweden this summer and looks to be the #1 for the upcoming World Juniors in Buffalo.

-In Baby Sens news, the have made yet another signing and also are featuring a facebook contest that can win you your choice of former players swag. Cammman Bingo, step it up a little bit.

-I'm not sure I really agree with this, but it is a different take from Puck Daddy.

-Uh oh, not again!

-A nice little piece about a local boy making the AHL for 2010-11.

-So once again, remind me why we can't have teams in Hamilton, Quebec and Winnipeg when we have this happening?

-Kinda sad to see this isn't it? I know there isn't room here but hopefully somebody in the league could use some Chum.

-The other day we found out that Ray Emery was dating Keshia Chante, today we see people discuss if he will find a home for 2010-11.

-Another solid job by the self appointed smartest mind in hockey. I see 44 years as a sure thing.

-Interesting piece on what former Sen and Ottawa native Brendan Bell is up to this year. Hopefully he bought a soon after the khaki's and golf shirt he wore to the Spezza wedding.

-For all you people who like fashion, a pretty stylin' fitted is ready to be purchased. It's even on sale.

-They could have wrote this article 3 years ago if you ask me, though I do feel kinda bad for him, even if he is possibly my most hated all time Senator. You know, as bad as you can feel for someone who makes millions and millions of dollars for playing hockey.

-Poor Big Rig. Hopefully we re-up him soon and make him a career Senator. Crazy to see he's the only one left on the backend from the 2007 SCF team.

-Once part of the collection of WAG's, I mean the Senators, Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff were married in Santa Barbara and have already come to their senses. Leaf fans were hoping Burkie had such good judgement, or Habs fans with Pierre Gauthier as well for that matter.

-Good call to switch jobs. Working 55 days a year is way too stressful as is, especially with this highly stressful occupation. 35 days is way more manageable.

-I mean really?? Didn't we learn our lesson from the WNBA and I mean, read what the rules of the draft are. Why even bother? It's embrassing.

-With training camps starting in just a bit under one month now, it sure is good to talk fantasy hockey and the Sens isn't it?

-Welcome a new permanent addition to the WAG's and to the city of Ottawa as a whole. Our Q rating just went up from 1 to 3.

-In ridiculousness news, The Hockey News thinks we will finish 10th in the East and not make the playoffs somehow. I don't know what it is about them, but they rarely say anything positive about the Sens.

-And finally, it was a busy offseason for our own Peter Regin, I mean Jensen. He had a nice playoff run, a good showing at the World Championships, got a new contract and had time to design a fashion line apparently, even if it is crazy weird. Now I see why he wanted to change his name. He always said the name Jensen was too popular there and here is our proof.

Hope you all enjoyed the latest edition of the links and be sure to come back this week, as I will be posting multiple photo diaries from my visit to the HHOF and remember to follow me on Twitter.


Monday, August 02, 2010

August Holiday Long Weekend Links

Welcome to the August long weekend links, a little something to look over when you return from the cottage or road tripping or just because you're bored and don't wanna do any actual work. So crack a beer, kick back and enjoy some stories that might have slipped through the cracks.

-It was a busy week for the Sens, with the Foligno, Campoli and Regin signings, well the Baby Sens were busy too, signing Francis Lessard yesterday and re-upping Tim Spencer last week as well. Look for these two to add some big time toughness to the farm team.

-After seeing this, please try and tell me why Winnipeg or Quebec or Hamilton isn't a better option again? Honestly, it's cheesy, bush league and embrassing.

-Even though he is a member of the hated Canadiens, this is pretty awesome. Is he still gonna try and pretend he doesn't speak english after this?

-How will Gonchar fit in on the powerplay? No one better to ask than offensive juggernaut Chris Neil.

-Uh oh! One of them was Sens draft pick Jeff Costello. Though let's be honest, he was only arrested because of the States' ridiculous 21 drinking age.

-Oh apparently it was all a giant rouse.

-No you're not seeing things. That is the glare off of former Sen Mike Comrie's fiancee Hilary Duff's ring. Where did Mikey boy get the money for a million dollar ring? I'm gonna say The Brick had something to do with it.

-This is pretty cool, but hopefully we have the cup in Ottawa next summer under different circumstances.

-Really nice move by Carks

-The Sens have been very busy of late, signing up tons of players, including 2009-10 QMJHL MVP Mike Hoffman to an entry level deal

-A very interesting read from ESPN. I was very happy to see SBP score perfectly, while I also will never ever eat in Florida ever again.

-I say this without hesitation. Best fight EVER!!!!!!


-With the Campoli and regin signings, we now have a full roster, but just in case you were wondering who we could get concievably, here ya go

-Wondering who the backup to the backup might be in Bingo? Look no further

-In other Bingo news, looks like we should have a new top scorer next year

-Just a little video to get you in the mood for the upcoming rookie tournament.

-Call me crazy but I think he could crack the Leafs roster.

-Speaking of our new backup's backup, welcome to Brustytown

-Sens blue chipper Robin Lehner is having a nice summer and looks to be Sweden's #1 for the WJHC.

-For all you Fisherwood fans, here's some more info on the wedding.

-Just what we need, another sports network that airs Sens games. In a few years we might have to watch 82 games on 82 different stations.

-This is kind of a cool idea, I wouldn't mind the Sens doing this as well again.

-Not in Edmonton? I find that hard to believe.

-But but but, who will be the token goon on the Baby Sens? Oh wait, Spencer and Lessard have that locked up. but can they say they're a mediocore MMA fighter? Checkmate Yablonski.

-Former Sens captain Randy Cunneyworth has a new gig, too bad it's in the div.

-And finally, on the fashion tip, even though this is fairly expensive for a lid, it's definitely worth the $50.

Happy long weekend everyone, enjoy it. It's only 8 weeks to hockey returns.

Thoughts on the links?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summertime Links

It's been awhile since I've brought out the links, but I figured it was time. The summer is filled with beers and bbq's, but not so much hockey news unfortunately. I do my best to keep new posts coming but I'm not the Ottawa Sun, I won't MAKE the news. So sit back and enjoy reading about some stories that may have slipped through the cracks.

-First up is soemthing sent in from a reader in Dallas. It's from an auction and it's a framed picture of the 1927 Ottawa Senators, which is pretty cool if you ask me. No word on what the final price was.

-One of my favorite up and coming Sens prospects, Zack Smith, not Zach, had a nice little feature from the Senators. I see Zack making the big team as a regular this season.

-Having good management is one of the keys to a successful organization, I think we could all agree on that statement right? Well here's a funny video of what can happen when you have bad management. Seriously, how does Slat's still have a job?

-Anyone want to know more about the resort where FisherWood was wed? More like EVERYONE wants to know more, right? Ok ok, well nevertheless, here's the site for the hotel, pretty swanky.

-Looks like 2 ex Sens, both not welcome back for various reasons, found new jobs for next season, both back in familiar places. Game 7 hero Patrick Lalime re-upped in Buffalo, while crunch time player extrardinaire Joe corvo, went back to the quietest place in the NHL he could find again. No word on if he got a double rainbow tattoo yet to match his other bad ass ink, especially the belly button one, gangsta!!

-Chalk this one up to people who have no clue what things are actually worth. They're selling 2 really nice, but USED Sens chairs for 1400 each, which is fine, except you can go to right now and by the same chairs brand new for 250 less, oops!! Maybe Glen Sather would want them? He has no clue what things are worth.

-Seems like former Baby Sens coach Don Nachbaur landed on his feet quickly after promptly quitting last month.

-Hard to believe no one wanted this for 3 stacks

-Turns out Spezza and Bettman make the same salary, so who would you rather have? Spezza has more upside to me, but Gary plays harder. It's a toss up.

-Now this is one of the coolest things that I've ever heard of.

-Well I'll give him one thing, you definitely can't accuse this guy of not being a passionate fan. Though there is something else you can definitely accuse him of.

-Sens Town got some shine from the Spezza rally post, seems everyone loves the Photo Diaries. I'll keep em coming. Shoutout to Puck Daddy for the love.

-This is also pretty cool, and at the same time weird.

-I bet you this was crazy wild. Crazy like a bible study camp.

-Comparing Hall to Gretzky really? I know Lowe isn't the brightest, but even this is pushing it.

-More proof that The Ottawa Sun has lost its mind.

-The Mallete jersey was funny, the overpriced chairs made me laugh, but this is an all timer.

-Baby Sens owner Tom Mitchell wins an award and no one noticed, except me. In all fairness, until now I didn't even know who owned them.

-Apparently we do not like Russia anymore. Be very paranoid Kovalev and Gonchar.

-Of course, all week there was a ton of FisherWood wedding news, so much so that it became even more annoying than anticipated, which is saying a lot. But I know some of you do like that stuff so here is 5 things you needed to know about it, here are some honeymoon pictures and here is The Citizen's attempt at being a 14 year old groupie stalker. And then there was this, seems a bit much doesn't it?

-So if this doesn't happen, will he step down? Everyone knows Stanley Cups are won in July in an interview, so I'd say we're looking pretty solid for 2010-11.

Thoughts on the links?